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Feb 21, 2011, 2:59:13 PM2/21/11
to DataCampSEA
Hey, all!

Wanted to talk about this during the event summary, but the network
issue held me up. I'm a dev & wanted to see how quickly I could "do
something" using the Socrata data source. In the 3 hours we had, I
came up with this:

It grabs data from,
displays a neighborhood selection box, then displays the neighborhood-
specific URLs once a neighborhood is clicked.

My initial goal was to display a google map with polygon overlays of
the neighborhoods for which there's data, then filter the URL list
based on which neighborhood was clicked. I ran out of time, but still
intend to add that feature.

That said, here's a quick retrospective: it was SUPER easy to get data
off Period. I browsed collections until I found
something I wanted to use, poked around until I found the URL for
grabbing the JSON data, then popped that into a Flex app. The only
down side was that the objects I grabbed didn't have data field
labels, so I had to guess based on what I saw in the debug view. Chris
indicated there was an expansion planned for this feed, so I'm sure
they'll get it going soon enough.

Thanks, Socrata & It was VERY easy to use your data
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