[HELP] DatabaseCleaner 1.99.0.beta and 2.0.0.beta releases! Please test!

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Micah Geisel

May 30, 2020, 2:55:48 PM5/30/20
to database_cleaner
Hello, everyone!

We have just released beta gems for the next two versions of DatabaseCleaner and their adapters: 1.99.0.beta and 2.0.0.beta (2.0.0.beta2 for database_cleaner-active_record and database_cleaner-redis), and we need your help to make sure that the final versions are a smooth upgrade path for everyone.

1.99.0: a backwards-compatible transition release focused on smoothing the upgrade to 2.0.0
2.0.0: a major release only supporting ActiveRecord, while extracting all other supported ORMs into adapter gems (like Mongoid, Sequel, and Redis, to name a few)

The goals for these two releases are as follows:

If you only use DatabaseCleaner with Rails/ActiveRecord, and you are using the default configuration, you should be able to upgrade to 1.99.0 with no deprecation warnings, and then to 2.0.0 with no changes whatsoever.

If you are using DatabaseCleaner with other ORM(s), or multiple databases, or have other custom DatabaseCleaner configuration changes, when you upgrade to 1.99.0 and run your tests, you may see some deprecation warnings, with instruction on how to fix them. Once your suite runs on 1.99.0 with no deprecation warnings, you should be able to upgrade to 2.0.0 with no further changes.

Also, note that in 2.0.0, the database_cleaner gem is an alias for the database_cleaner-active_record adapter gem. This is to ensure that the majority of folks can upgrade to 2.0.0 without any changes whatsoever.

Finally, your help is needed! Would you all please try to upgrade your apps to use DatabaseCleaner version 1.99.0.beta, fix any deprecation warnings, and then update again to the latest 2.0.0.beta, and then let us know if you have any issues anywhere in this process? You can do this by specifying the version in Gemfile like:

gem "database_cleaner", "~>1.99.0.beta"


gem "database_cleaner-sequel", "~>1.99.0.beta"

and so on. Use the twiddle-wakka operator ~> to make sure you're on the latest beta version.

Thank you, everyone, and happy database cleaning!
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