Harvard / CID is Hiring Full-Time Front-End Developer / Data Viz

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Romain Vuillemot

Oct 1, 2014, 4:37:14 PM10/1/14
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Harvard Center for International Development - Cambridge, MA Front-End
Developer / Data Viz, onsite

* What we do:
We take real world government data and research, and turn them into
interactive data viz tools. The Atlas of Economic Complexity
(http://atlas.cid.harvard.edu) is our current online tool that lets you
interactively visualize a country’s trade and explore growth
opportunities for more than a hundred countries worldwide. There are
also other National Atlas projects in the pipeline, one for Colombia and
one for Mexico. The idea is that countries provide us with their data
and the Center provides them with economic policy advice based on our
economic theories, and an interactive tool to explore their situation
and make sound policy decisions at the regional level. If you're looking
for a high-impact job, this is it!

* What we want to do:
We want to focus on building features around this idea of storytelling
with data (see example at the end), as well as re-do our UI and design
to be cleaner and up to modern standards, and to add better
visualization capabilities.

We need a frontend engineer, with a strong interest into data
visualization to bring the Atlas to the next level in terms of
scalability in data size and dimensions, with breezing-fast loading
speed. We use d3.js for the visualizations. We know that at least the
visualization part would be ideally suited for a single page app, and
we'd love to implement something along those lines with Angular /
Backbone / etc. We want to rethink our designs and how the frontend
works in general. Especially with the new national projects with
Colombia and Mexico, you'll have free rein over the creative process and
the technological aspects of your work.

* Our stack:
We use python, django, mysql (hopefully postgres soon), elasticsearch,
ansible for the back end. For the frontend, it's jquery / d3 for now.
Everything we do is open source: https://github.com/cid-harvard and we
use Github for bug/feature tracking.

* Work environment / goals:
We're a small engineering team (data visualization researcher, software
engineer and a talented designer), but we work with a large group of
brilliant doctoral / postdoctoral researchers from diverse backgrounds
like econ, public policy, physics, international development and
computer science.

To get in touch: romain.v...@gmail.com

Romain Vuillemot
Data Visualization Fellow, CID, Harvard

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