Front End UI Design Technologist

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Natalie Erdem

Nov 22, 2021, 1:03:41 PM11/22/21
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Front End UI Design Technologist 


About Us

We're TWO-N, an award-winning boutique data visualization agency. We are small and nimble by design, allowing us to respond to unique and changing client needs. We get called upon by companies to design and build innovative user interfaces with visualizations that graphically present information functionally and beautifully. We build robust end to end solutions for clients in many industries. Our projects typically take the form of custom web applications, Our design sensibility is one of our main differentiators, and we equally embrace technical challenges.

By nature of being a boutique agency, no two projects are the same. We operate as a studio, which means we all contribute to the various components of completing a project, including brainstorming, design, and development. Our small team is flexible and collaborative. Some examples of projects we’ve worked on include:

To see all the examples represented above, and learn more about our recent clients and projects, check out our website at

Job Description

We’re seeking someone who can help support our React projects as a front-end UI developer. We're looking for developers who are excited to build user interfaces in a clean, scalable fashion in the browser. 

In this role, you will be responsible for developing and implementing performant React + Typescript components, understanding and managing component state (locally or through Redux), and contributing to an entire web application architecture. You will not only be working on individual small components of the project, but should be comfortable learning and speaking to an entire application build. 

Our primary goal is to inspire, delight, and inform others while continuously challenging ourselves. If that's appealing to you, then do get in touch and include some links to what you've built.

Skills & Requirements

Candidates should fit the following criteria:

  • You’re a React UI developer by trade or by training. (A developer test will be administered for this position, to understand your comfort level with coding.)

  • You have experience building React components or entire apps from high fidelity mockups. 

  • You understand and can write performant HTML, (vanilla) JavaScript, and CSS. 

  • You are excited about the prospect of constantly learning new technologies, and are not intimidated by a project that might be something you’ve never done before. 

  • You’re comfortable with ambiguity, and know how to ask the right questions to start building. 

  • You’ve got design experience, education, or a strong sensibility. 

While not required, any of the following criteria would be ideal. You have

  • created web pages before, using react, and have projects to showcase.

  • an interest in data visualization, and potentially learning d3.js. 

  • a design portfolio to illustrate your style.

  • experience working with clients for any type of need. 

  • experience on a dev team.

  • You are comfortable presenting your work to clients. 

  • You are curious, creative, and interested in learning.


The following are technologies that we regularly use or have used in the past two years. You do not need to be an expert in these technologies, but these should be appealing or exciting to you:

  • Design tools: Adobe Photoshop/IllustratorXD, Sketch, Figma.

  • Frameworks: React, Next.js, Vue, Svelte, and Angular

  • Front-end Languages: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Typescript, Tailwind, Styled Components, d3.js, SASS/SCSS, CSS Modules, Bootstrap.

  • Scripting Languages: Node.js, Python.

  • Build tools: Yarn, npm, Webpack, Parcel.

  • Backend: AWS (S3 Buckets, Route 53, Lambda), integrating API calls, SQL/noSQL.

To apply please email Natalie Erdem at

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