JOB - Front-End Engineers with passion for DataViz - AngularJS / d3.js - Cloud Monitoring (Boston)

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Bill Sullivan

Apr 28, 2014, 4:36:38 PM4/28/14
Hi everyone,

Stackdriver is currently hiring for Front-End Engineering talent that has a passion for Data Analysis and Visualization.  I don't know what or if you have heard about Stackdriver but we have built the first Intelligent Cloud Monitoring Service (Monitoring as a Service) for forward thinking web companies.  Some of our customers are huge AWS users including Viber, Spotify, Mozilla, and HBO.  In fact, we recently helped HBO identify a problem within its HBOGo infrastructure that caused it to crash during the finale of True Detective.  Let's just say they decided to become a paying customer pretty quickly after that!  

We are currently experiencing a significant period of growth and we have added some serious talent to work on the core functionality of our product.  This has created a need on the Front End and specifically for Engineers who are passionate about data visualization and have extremely fine tuned JavaScript skills.  Our front end is built using AngularJS and D3.js interacting with the rest of our platform which includes Python, Django/Flask, Cassandra, Elasticsearch, many AWS Services, RabbitMQ, and many others.  We also touch many more tools while building for our customers.

I think the things that set us apart and make this such a unique opportunity are numerous but the key things are:

     - An amazing culture
     - Real Scale Issues (25,000+ messages/second and growing)
     - What we've done so far (18 months old)
               1) Live product in under 6 months
               2) Generating over $200k/month in revenue 
               3) Team of thought leaders
     - Our product solves problems for other Engineers
     - We are the leaders in our market - The Cloud is a huge market
     - A fantastic Board pointing us in the right direction

On the Front-End we are facing challenges with finding engineers who can design and understand data visualizations, especially those interested in dealing with Time Series Data.  We are always working on optimizing the performance of our solutions and there are some interesting challenges we face there as well.

If you'd like to hear more simply respond directly to me or feel free to apply directly to the position here.
Thanks in advance,

Bill Sullivan
Director of Talent Acquisition
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