dash.js v4.4.1 officially released

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Jul 25, 2022, 3:33:14 AM7/25/22
to dash.js
Hello all,

we are pleased to announce that version 4.4.1 of dash.js has officially been released.

A big thank you to all the contributors that made this possible!

The release info can be found here:

#3988 Add support for specifying the start time of the stream as part of the initialize or the attachSource call. A demo can be found here

#3968 JSDoc cleanup
#3969 Dispatch volumechange from the native video element via dedicated MediaPlayerEvent
#3963 Extends the License Request Complete event to include the original server response when DRM errors are reported
link Add example for multi audio tracks with initial track selection
#3986 Fix d trace httpList metric reporting
#3971 Overwrite manifest mediaPresentationDuration if duration mismatch
#3997 Functional Tests: Add missing vectors with "//" in url to functional tests
#3998 Run functional tests by groupname

#3980 Do not trigger inline and inband events multiple times after a manifest refresh
#3984 Account for events defined in different periods in the EventController.js
#3985 Fix for a rounding error not allowing BUFFERING_COMPLETED to get fired
#3970 Fix _checkPortalSize and initialRatio caluculation for unsorted Representations in an AS
#3966 Fix text track enabling for MSS live streams
#3944 Fix bug in abandon request workflow. Also enable rule by default
#3953 Use lastBitrateCachingInfo.enabled and lastMediaSettingsCachingInfo.enabled
#3939 Check for keyPairs in clearkeys object before updating the key session
#3942 Fix/clearkey from ref UI: Check for initData in protData before overwriting
#3928 Fix SegmentTimeline's segment getter from requested time
#3978 Fix wrong description of PLAYBACK_LOADED_DATA event
#3979 Fix a bug that lead to undefined customParametersModel after calling Mediaplayer.reset()
Link Fix multitrack captions sample: lang values in manifest have changed
Link Fix multi audio DRM sample

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