dash.js RC 4.3.0 Code Freeze

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Feb 18, 2022, 3:56:32 AMFeb 18
to dash.js
Dear all,

we have just started the code freeze for dash.js version 4.3.0.

Again big thanks to all the contributors.

We would like to ask you for some help testing this release. We greatly appreciate your help to verify it is free from regression. Any help, feedback, comment will be really appreciated.

Release date of version 4.3.0 will be February 25th. You can find all the issues and pull requests of the 4.3.0 milestone here . The release candidate branch can be found here.

#3859 Add support for multiple system strings for a single key system, e.g "com.microsoft.playready.recommendation" and "com.microsoft.playready" for the Playready DRM
3865 Add an "export settings" feature to reference UI to share all settings via a generated URL

#3843 Throw an error in case of invalid settings provided via updateSettings()
#3837 Fix live seeking for embedded devices on which we can't set video element time at unavailable range in audio AND video buffers
#3851 Fixes a memory leak for inline events without id and presentation time. Before this PR the events were not removed from the list of outdated events leading to large memory consumption for longtime playback.
#3859 Make "com.microsoft.playready.recommendation" the default system string for the Playready DRM system
#3857 Exclude text StreamProcessor when checking buffer level for initial playback
Link Set default fragment request timeout to 10 seconds
#3866 Improve special character escaping in CMCD string values
#3867 Add Typescript definition for custom initial track selection function
#3876 Remove getNormalizedTime()
#3878 Solve situations in which there is a gap at the start of a period in a dynamic MPD with <SegmentTimeline>.
Link Add Akamai Controlbar to npm package
#3880 Divide browserstack sessions and run tests parallel
#3879 Corrected ServiceDescription handling for low latency streaming

#3847 Load the last remaining segment when the user seeks to the very end currentTime = duration
#3874 Fix issue after a track switch if enableSeekDecorrelationFix is enabled
#3872 Fix an issue when getting video model current time and seeking state, after setting current time but while waiting for video element ready state to have metadata.
#3854 Fix: When resetting BufferController and aborting then removing source buffers from MediaSource could cause a getAllBufferRanges exception
Link Close comment header in ControlBar.js
#3881 Fix calculation of thumbnail timestamp for multiple periods
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