dash.js v4.0.1 officially released

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Jul 30, 2021, 8:48:31 AM7/30/21
to dash.js
Hello all,

we are pleased to announce that version 4.0.1 of dash.js has officially been released. 

A big thank you to all the contributors that made this possible!

Release Info Here:

The latest minified files have been hosted on a global CDN and are free to use in production.
The “latest” branch will be updated with each release to point to the latest content.
The branches tagged with a specific release will never change once archived.

Latest - accessible via both http: and https:



Metrics Reporting:


Microsoft Smooth Streaming:

v4.0.1 - accessible via both http: and https



Metrics Reporting:


Microsoft Smooth Streaming:

The latest docs are also available here:

DASH-IF Hosted Player:

Samples Page

Archived versions of the Reference Player

Official NPM Project

#3683 Add a sample for mediaplayer only usage
Link Link2 Minor improvements in the low latency sample player
Link Re-Add additional logic to InsufficientBufferLevelRule
Link Add DRMToday option to reference client

#3683 Fix a bug that causes the mediaplayer only bundle to have an error
#3689 Fix fragmented wvtt text not recognized as fragmentedText
#3689 Avoid duplicate identical cues
#3690 Fix cues with NaN timestamp
#3691 Fix quota exceeded reporting
#3693 Avoid error when using getCurrentTrackFor with unknown type
#3696 Fix DRM tests for MSEdge functional tests
#3698 [MSS] fix track switch for live streams
#3699 When a segment download error occurs we need to retry in case we have multiple BaseURLs. If all BaseURLs result in a download error we terminate.
#3704 Fix detecting target stream when skipping gap at the and of period
#3706 Do not clear entire buffer when seeking to 0
#3694 Treat HTTP headers case-insensitively
#3712 Fix a bug when selecting the next stream after a period transition
#3715 Use "prepare" rather than "postinstall" so dashjs can be used as a dependency
Link Add missing githook.js to files in package.json
Link Check for isNaN in hasEnoughSpaceToAppend
Link Remove mpd.timeShiftBufferDepth !== Number.POSITIVE_INFINITY restriction from calculation of AST
Link Dispatch error when KEY_ERROR occurs.
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