Inaccurate download time measurements

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Mihail Yanev

Jan 20, 2022, 7:47:42 AMJan 20
to dash.js

 I had a similar question here before, but did not get any inputs so I thought I would revive it. I have seen multiple dash.js players 3.X and 4.X to sometimes report downloadTimeInMilliseconds is 1. This can be either because the timestamps are the same or have a difference of one. I see this was to be expected by the code, so we have the guards || 1 there... My questions are:

1. When does it occur? Is it, for example, the packets are arriving at the kernel but are not yet passed to the browser? When collecting pcaps I do see that the client does get the first bytes of a video chunk much earlier than the timestamp I get in the browser.
2. Would it be a good idea to not push values with download time 1 to the throughput history rule, so not to fill the buffer with unrealistic bandwidth measurements?


Jan 20, 2022, 9:49:10 AMJan 20
to dash.js

Hi Mihail,
can I ask you to please create and issue or a discussion thread on 

Thank you
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