dash.js v4.6.0 officially released

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Feb 20, 2023, 3:17:21 AM2/20/23
to dash.js
Hello all,

we are pleased to announce that version 4.6.0 of dash.js has officially been released.

A big thank you to all the contributors that made this possible, especially Bertrand Berthelot.

The release info can be found here:

  • #4108 Adds the preload functionality to the current version of dash.js. The idea is to preload the media segments into the memory before attaching a video element and initializing the MSE. That way content can be preloaded on platforms that only have a single decoder and are currently displaying different content. As an example, this enables Broadcast-Broadband ad-insertion on HbbTV devices
  • #4095 Add feature support for Common Media Server Data. Includes:
    • CMSD response headers parsing
    • Add settings to
      • enable/disable CMSD parsing
      • Enable/disable use of "mb" maximum suggested bitrate (mb) as an upper-bound for the ABR algorithm
      • set the weight ratio to be applied on etp regarding measured bandwidth to determine throughput to be used by ABR throughput rule
    • Update reference sample to add CMSD settings configuration and to display bandwidth (measured, etp) metrics

  • #4102 Use Karma as a testrunner for the unit tests. Allows us to run the tests in "real" browser-based environments and not in node.js context
  • #4103 #4412 Fix blinking cues when segmented over multiple segments or chunks
  • Link Add unit test for Utils.parseHttpHeaders
  • Link Remove deployment script from Circle CI/CD
  • Link Remove http rewrite on the default timing source
  • Link Improve error message for missing ttml rendering div
  • Link Update browser tools for Circle CI to version 1.4.1

  • #4101 Fix handling of embedded texttracks for dynamic streams with MPD updates
  • #4107 Fixes an issue when the timescale value in the manifest differs from the timescale in init segments
  • #4110 Corrected fallback responseHeaders value to be null
  • #4418 Move ContentSteeringController configuration initialization to initialize function to fix error in offline playback
  • Link Fix a regression when providing a posix string as start value to attachSource()


Feb 20, 2023, 3:23:04 AM2/20/23
to dash.js
One addition that is missing in the release notes above:

#4122  Adds the possibility to define a function that is called before segments are appended to the SourceBuffer. That way the application can modify the data if required. 


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