dash.js v4.7.1 officially released

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Jun 21, 2023, 7:39:11 AM6/21/23
to dash.js
Hello all,

we are pleased to announce that version 4.7.1 of dash.js has officially been released.

A big thank you to all the contributors that made this possible.

The release info can be found here:

#4201 #4203 Improve throughput on abort: Enables throughput rule to consider measured throughput (or value returned by CMSD response header) on the aborted requests
#4195 L2A Improvements based on BBC MMSys Paper
#4193 Add autoLoad flag to start playback in reference client once page is loaded
#4196 Add option to mute playback in reference UI via query parameters

#4189 Fix reporting of CMCD for SegmentBase range requests
#4213 Content Steering:  Add protocol string to host url if not present
#4192 Do not close key session if key is usable in getLicense.html demo
#4191 Typescript: Fixed FragmentRequest 'type' typing
#4185 Fix handling of MPDs containing SegmentList with SegmentTimeline
#4208 Fix a regression for subtitle playback. We need the segment duration of the subtitle tracks to get a valid buffer target
#4214 Fix JSDoc in Settings.js
Link Add postbuild command to copy index.d.ts to dash.d.ts
Link Add Axinom teststreams with new license server URL
Link Fix wrong unregister event listener for PLAYBACK_SEEKED in CatchupController

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