RC 4.0.1 Code Freeze

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Jul 23, 2021, 8:19:53 AM7/23/21
to dash.js
Dear all,

we have just started the code freeze for dash.js version 4.0.1.

Again big thanks to all of the contributors.  

We would like to ask you for some help testing this release. We really appreciate your help verifying it is free from regression. Any help, feedback, comment will be really appreciated.

Release date of version 4.0.1 will be July 30th. You can find all the issues and pull requests of the 4.0.1 milestone here The release candidate branch can be found here

Important: We are in the planing phase for the upcoming dahs.js milestones. If you want to contribute to the discussion please checkout this thread: https://github.com/Dash-Industry-Forum/dash.js/discussions/3710 

Version 4.0.1

#3683 Add a sample for mediaplayer only usage
Link Link2 Minor improvements in the low latency sample player
Link Re-Add additional logic to InsufficientBufferLevelRule
Link Add DRMToday option to reference client

#3683 Fix a bug that causes the mediaplayer only bundle to have an error
#3689 Fix fragmented wvtt text not recognized as fragmentedText
#3689 Avoid duplicate identical cues
#3690 Fix cues with NaN timestamp
#3691 Fix quota exceeded reporting
#3693 Avoid error when using getCurrentTrackFor with unknown type
#3696 Fix DRM tests for MSEdge functional tests
#3698 [MSS] fix track switch for live streams
#3699 When a segment download error occurs we need to retry in case we have multiple BaseURLs. If all BaseURLs result in a download error we terminate.
#3704 Fix detecting target stream when skipping gap at the and of period
#3706 Do not clear entire buffer when seeking to 0
#3694 Treat HTTP headers case-insensitively
#3712 Fix a bug when selecting the next stream after a period transition
Link Add missing githook.js to files in package.json
Link Check for isNaN in hasEnoughSpaceToAppend
Link Remove mpd.timeShiftBufferDepth !== Number.POSITIVE_INFINITY restriction from calculation of AST
Link Dispatch error when KEY_ERROR occurs.
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