dash.js RC 4.6.0 code freeze

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Feb 7, 2023, 4:20:08 AM2/7/23
to dash.js
Dear all,

we have just started the code freeze for dash.js version 4.6.0.

Again big thanks to all the contributors, especially Bertrand Berthelot.

We would like to ask you for some help testing this release. We greatly appreciate your help to verify it is free from regression. Any help, feedback, comment will be really appreciated.

The release date of version 4.6.0 will be Feb 17th. You can find all the issues and pull requests of the 4.6.0 milestone here. The release candidate can be found here.


  • #4108 Adds the preload functionality to the current version of dash.js. The idea is to preload the media segments into the memory before attaching a video element and initializing the MSE. That way content can be preloaded on platforms that only have a single decoder and are currently displaying different content. As an example, this enables Broadcast-Broadband ad-insertion on HbbTV devices
  • #4095 Add feature support for Common Media Server Data. Includes:
    • CMSD response headers parsing
    • Add settings to
      • enable/disable CMSD parsing
      • Enable/disable use of "mb" maximum suggested bitrate (mb) as an upper-bound for the ABR algorithm
      • set the weight ratio to be applied on etp regarding measured bandwidth to determine throughput to be used by ABR throughput rule
    • Update reference sample to add CMSD settings configuration and to display bandwidth (measured, etp) metrics

  • #4413 Keep the adaptive bitrate decisioning alive until playback ends
  • #4102 Use Karma as a testrunner for the unit tests. Allows us to run the tests in "real" browser-based environments and not in node.js context
  • #4103 #4412 Fix blinking cues when segmented over multiple segments or chunks
  • Link Add unit test for Utils.parseHttpHeaders
  • Link Remove deployment script from Circle CI/CD
  • Link Remove http rewrite on the default timing source
  • Link Improve error message for missing ttml rendering div
  • Link Update browser tools for Circle CI to version 1.4.1

  • #4101 Fix handling of embedded texttracks for dynamic streams with MPD updates
  • #4107 Fixes an issue when the timescale value in the manifest differs from the timescale in init segments
  • #4110 Corrected fallback responseHeaders value to be null
  • #4418 Move ContentSteeringController configuration initialization to initialize function to fix error in offline playback

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