RC 4.1.0 Code Freeze

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Sep 20, 2021, 7:44:30 AM9/20/21
to dash.js
Dear all,

we have just started the code freeze for dash.js version 4.1.0.

Again big thanks to all of the contributors.  

We would like to ask you for some help testing this release. We really appreciate your help verifying it is free from regression. Any help, feedback, comment will be really appreciated.

Release date of version 4.1.0 will be September 24th. You can find all the issues and pull requests of the 4.1.0 milestone here The release candidate branch can be found here

Version 4.1.0 - Release Notes

#3727 Optimize multiperiod prebuffering by improving logic to decide whether all segments of a period have been loaded
#3743 Improve buffer robustness: Recover from media_decode errors
#3672 Allow for registering a custom function to select the initial track
#3751 Add track selection mode based on selectionPriority attribute
#3684 Enable low latency based on MPD parameters (availabilityTimeComplete=false)

#3745 Improve and fix reporting of multiple CMCD parameters
#3770 Handle all 2XX status codes on license request
#3772 In case of a seek into a gap: Try to find the closest segment to the target time and adjust the seek target accordingly

Major Bugfixes
#3759 Fix wrong timing calculation for client/server clock drift
#3735 Fix initialization after reset has been called
#3757 Fix javascript errors on reset
#3748 Fix transition from live to static
#3754 Fix live playback on WebOS
#3767 Fix outer period seek to 0

Additional bugfixes
#3720 Correct reporting and logging of URL if modified (e.g. by CMCD)
#3744 Fix DVRWindowSize manifest property
#3725 Fix EventController._triggerRemainingEvents not doing anything
Link Fix link in VTT sample
#3722 Explicitly match null status for response codes
#3734 Fix download time visualization in reference client 
#3733 Ignore readystate when resetting the playbackrate
Link Fix wrong parameter when calling enableForcedTextStreaming
Link Add missing information about errorSettings to index.d.ts and Settings.js
#3746 Fix availabilityTimeOffset for live MSS 
#3747 Fix cmcd nor reporting
#3749 MSS: Fix issue when selecting new audio track and new text track simultaneously on live streams
#3755 Fix, complete types definition file
#3756 Stream: do not reset() on protection error
Link Fix a bug in the GapController.js when unregistering events
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