dash.js RC 4.4.1 Code Freeze

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Jul 18, 2022, 2:52:31 AMJul 18
to dash.js
Dear all,

we have just started the code freeze for dash.js version 4.4.1.

Again big thanks to all the contributors.

We would like to ask you for some help testing this release. We greatly appreciate your help to verify it is free from regression. Any help, feedback, comment will be really appreciated.

The release date of version 4.4.1 will be July 25th. You can find all the issues and pull requests of the 4.4.1 milestone here. The release candidate can be found here.

#3988 Add support for specifying the start time of the stream as part of the initialize or the attachSource call. A demo can be found here

#3968 JSDoc cleanup
#3969 Dispatch volumechange from the native video element via dedicated MediaPlayerEvent
#3963 Extends the License Request Complete event to include the original server response when DRM errors are reported
link Add example for multi audio tracks with initial track selection
#3986 Fix d trace httpList metric reporting
#3971 Overwrite manifest mediaPresentationDuration if duration mismatch

#3980 Do not trigger inline and inband events multiple times after a manifest refresh
#3984 Account for events defined in different periods in the EventController.js
#3985 Fix for a rounding error not allowing BUFFERING_COMPLETED to get fired
#3970 Fix _checkPortalSize and initialRatio caluculation for unsorted Representations in an AS
#3966 Fix text track enabling for MSS live streams
#3944 Fix bug in abandon request workflow. Also enable rule by default
#3953 Use lastBitrateCachingInfo.enabled and lastMediaSettingsCachingInfo.enabled
#3939 Check for keyPairs in clearkeys object before updating the key session
#3942 Fix/clearkey from ref UI: Check for initData in protData before overwriting
#3928 Fix SegmentTimeline's segment getter from requested time
#3978 Fix wrong description of PLAYBACK_LOADED_DATA event
#3979 Fix a bug that lead to undefined customParametersModel after calling Mediaplayer.reset()

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