DASH 11: SF/Oakland (TBD) City Update

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M. Sean Molley

Jul 9, 2019, 6:26:41 PM7/9/19
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Note: If you are not attending (or trying to attend) DASH 11 in the Bay Area, you can probably ignore this message.  :)

The existing DASH 11 "SF/Oakland (TBD)" city event is being split into three events: two in Oakland, starting at 8 AM and 10 AM, and one in Palo Alto.  Because we have a huge number of teams on the wait list, and because we know that some teams who already registered would have chosen a different location if they could, we are trying to handle this change in the most orderly and fair way we can. 

Please read the following information carefully.  When we contact you about your registration, you only have a limited amount of time to respond. We have a lot of teams to get through.

Teams that are currently registered for the existing SF/Oakland event (not on the waitlist -- just the 50 teams who got in and who have already paid) will be offered their choice of whichever event they prefer: Oakland 8 AM, Oakland 10 AM, or Palo Alto. These teams are being contacted by email now, and they have three days to let us know their decision. After three days, any registered team that has not responded will be assigned to one of the two Oakland events (whichever start time is less full).

Teams that are currently on the waitlist for the existing SF/Oakland event will be contacted in waitlist priority order after all the registered teams have had a chance to choose a location.  When we reach your team on the waitlist, you will be offered a choice of the events that are still open at that time.  (If you are 50+ on the waitlist, one or more of the options might be gone by the time we get to you: we're sorry if you cannot get your first choice, but it is what it is.)

If you are currently not registered for DASH 11 SF/Oakland at all, you cannot register for any of the three Bay Area events at this time, because that would be unfair to the teams who are already on the waitlist. 

After all existing registrations have had their chance to pick an option and all existing waitlist teams have been processed, we will then reopen normal registration for these events (including waitlists for each of the three options... but with 50 teams already registered and 100+ teams already on the waitlist, we cannot promise that any new teams will get in).

Thanks for your patience (and to our amazing Bay Area volunteer crews for taking on so many additional teams in order to make DASH 11 happen for as many people as possible).

We are still looking for volunteers, by the way!  Please email das...@playdash.org if you are interested in helping out.

Talk to you later --

M. Sean Molley / se...@basementsoftware.com
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