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Barry Warmkessel

Aug 5, 2020, 7:54:10 PM8/5/20
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I think Carlos Ferrada did a pretty good job of defining the threat. While I first saw evidence of it in 2017, Jupiter may have blocked an intensifying meteor swarm. Now, according to Steve's sources, Jupiter is moving out of the way. Ferrada says " Thru July, August, September, October and thru the end of the year into next year (2021) there would be larger pieces and a great increase in the number of meteorites hitting Earth." We'll see. But I but certainly in 2021. It depends on the shape of the comet swarm. One of Steve's sources says it will come thru about 2023. I say Sep/Oct 2022.  I think the main events will be over by 2026, Farrada thinks it will be over around 2026 or 2027. Farrada also sees the redness of his object whereas I see 7 red comets.. He did this back in the days of the Carter administration.

Inside Look At Chilean Astronomer Carlos Ferrada's Notes: With Brother Robert - Jul 29, 2020
  • 5:20 Steve: What did Ferrada write about when it comes to the planet Hercolubus (Planet X) or Red Planet system?
  • 6:45 Robert: Ferrada had viewed this inbound planet-comet would be slowed down or accelerate by other planets in our solar system... He originally thought it would near Earth around 2010, but later revised this to the latter part of 2020. Then we would start to see small fragments or pieces of a forward (leading edge) barrier, that was traveling with it, start to strike the earth. These would not be a planet killers or cause and extinction level event.
  • 8:50 Steve: The sources I have both in Washington DC, in the Pentagon& a FEMA engineer. Let me start with my White House source (advisor to POTUS), claimed that come September that everybody on this planet would know we were in serious trouble. He never said what it was that 'everybody would see and know that were in serious trouble. Later, the FEMA source said that we would begin to be hit by meteorites, but it would be slow in the beginning. My Pentagon friend said one of the rocks would end up hitting a populated city and there would be a mass loss of life from the impact. That would cause people to realize that we are in trouble. So what were Ferrada's predictions for 2020?
  • 10:50 Robert: (garbled)
  • 11:25 Robert: (garbled) Ferrada had to write with caution and said 'It would start out slow Thru July, August, September, October and thru the end of the year into next year (2021) there would be larger pieces and a great increase in the number of meteorites hitting Earth.
  • 12:50 Steve: My FEMA contact said that towards the end of the year we would have showers of meteorites and they would come like a storm and coming in 'waves'. There would be a 'wave' and it would stop and then there would be another wave. I've also been told by the Pentagon contractor that we would also see that but that they could be the size of basket balls coming down.
  • 14:00 Robert: Ferrada said that they would be from the size of marbles to the size of 'workout' balls. By the beginning of 2021, there would be an inordinate number of them. They would say "This is not normal and we most be in real trouble." "It would be extremely like lightening". "They would be life-threatening". They cannot deny any longer that there is something large coming, a large planetoid/comet." The observatories would be able to see it by the beginning of 2021 and the public will know by the large number of fragments coming in. The general public will ask "how long have you people known about this?" They discovered this thing when Jimmy Carter was president and that was also the time when Ferrada was doing all his research, at least back to the late 70's.
  • 16:45 Steve: I heard that back to the 60's they were speculating this thing coming in. I heard that during the Ferrada interview that they focused on earthquakes and other events based on moving celestial bodies. Does Ferrada's notes talk about anything like radical changes in the weather from this incoming system?
  • 17:30 Robert: Earth would witness weather patterns that were not normal would start in 2021.
  • 18:30 Steve: Glen originally told me that there would be radical changes in the weather patterns, earthquakes, volcanoeserupting and we will see winds at 200 mph.
  • 19:10 Robert: There would be winds and weather changes like we have never seen before.
  • 19:25 Steve: According to my FEMA source, "The Earth would be 'ripped at the seams' (tectonic plate move?). When the actual object comes in (because its an iron based comet) it will have a major effect on the gravitation of the Earth, literally it will cause continents to divide.
  • 20:40 Steve: The time frame is more drawn out and it would be over in the middle of the year or so. But from what Ferrada is saying, things will be more drawn out.
  • 21:20 Robert: Ferrada said that "These are only estimates. They cannot be done in an exact way at that time." He did stretch it out to 2026 or 2027. "There is no escaping what is coming to this planet."
  • 22:25 Steve: I spoke to another FEMA source ... who said that this would actually come thru in a year to 18 months. Another person who had given Steve a memory stick had estimated it would come thru circa 2023 or thereabouts. The debris field would come first. The debris field was caused by a collision that occurred when it came thru many years ago when it hit Jupiter.
  • 25:45 Steve: Glen said Jupiter shields the Earth from a lot of this. They had not anticipated the extreme radiation that the Earth was absorbing and therefore it was heating the core of the Earth up. When they built the underground bunkers, they had not appreciated that particular aspect. My FEMA source says Miami, Orlando, Jacksonville, and Savanna will all be completely destroyed. My Washington source said they have the ability to track the larger rocks. Does he talk about anything hitting the ocean?
  • 28:15 Robert: Oh Yes. The larger pieces would be hitting the ocean area rather than the land masses.
  • 29:10 Steve: My own source says the interior of Israel, Syria, parts of China and the middle of Africa would actually be spared a lot of this. The United States would really be devastated, almost like an extinction level event. Northern Africa, Tel Aviv, Haifa, would also be destroyed because Hercolubus causes a 'pole shift'.
  • 32:00 Robert: There will be no hiding Hercolubus. The bunkers that they built will not be such good protection as they thought.

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