How/When did Earth get water?

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Feb 15, 2022, 7:15:43 PMFeb 15

Lawrence Livermore Lab folk says Earth/Luna formed prior to water based on Stontium-87 quantities in both objects. So water happened to Earth after it was formed.

The large bodies that collided to form Earth/Luna “…must have both come from the inner Solar System, and the event could not have happened prior to 4.45 billion years ago, greatly reducing the formation window of the moon.

Just in time for the water event for Mars! And likely Earth!


John Keebaugh

Thomas Tipton

Feb 16, 2022, 12:31:01 AMFeb 16
to, DSgroup
I have followed with some interest the concept of StarWater in which the interaction of energetic particles in the solar wind and the geomagnetic field facilitates the nucleation of free oxygen and hydrogen into water molecules in the outer atmosphere and the water then migrates to the surface.

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Barry Warmkessel

Feb 16, 2022, 4:28:20 AMFeb 16
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I think Vulcan/AKA The Dark Star has been around since the formation of our solar system. There were more icy Kuiper belt bodies then and Vulcan threw many icy bodies at the Earth/Moon double planet system. The Earth and Venus kept most of their water.  Venus lost most of its water when a large (100-200 mile diameter) hit it and melted its surface. A similar fate will happen to Earth in a few thousand more years   If Christ’s predictions are valid. A possible year is 3797 AD. Then Earth will be a Venus like planet also.

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wayne james

Mar 10, 2022, 3:10:34 PMMar 10
to Barry Warmkessel,
Firstly Venus has heated up because of reverse field polarity of its magnetic field, it still holds a lot of its oxygen and thus when returning to prograde will begin the process of turning the CO2 back into water as the carbon returns to the soil like Earth does now. 

The method Thomas talks of about the Earth forming water is something I have concluded for quite a long time now! 

Chemistry is very different to what people think, different gravity fields of a body and indeed it's mass and composition will result in different transition variables...

But it's time to stop thinking stars make all the elements when it's quite clear man is missing many key mathematical factors of these sciences.

Kind regards

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