Planet X Researcher Solàrion Dies

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Feb 18, 2011, 1:44:13 PM2/18/11
to Dark Star Planet X
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Planet X Researcher Solàrion Dies

Robertino "Rob" Solàrion, approximately 68, has died. (This
information first reached me ~ thanks to Tom Ritchford ~ on February
15th, and I communicated this news to others I know then. I am posting
an update today due to the amazing coincidence of the media
announcement of the search for another planet in our solar system
coming on the same date as Rob's death news...from a Lafayette

As Fox News noted on February 16, 2011,

"A duo of planetary astronomers grabbed media attention by claiming a
planet four times the size of Jupiter may be lurking in the outer
solar system. They call the planet Tyche….

"The claim by John Matese and Daniel Whitmire of the University of
Lousiana-Lafayette is not new: They have been making a case for Tyche
since 1999, suggesting that the giant planet's presence in a far-flung
region of solar system called the Oort cloud would explain the unusual
orbital paths of some comets that originate there.

"'There's evidence that some Oort cloud comets display orbital
peculiarities,' Matese said. 'We're saying that perhaps the pattern is
indicative that there's a planet there.'"

Intriguingly, as this news was coming forth, it was learned that one
of the foremost researchers on Planet X has died.

Here's what is known about Rob, a frequent correspondent of many, and
friend of the Forteana list, from his own website. (More info will be
added later when details about his passing come forth.)

Rob was born and educated in Texas. He was a 1964 Phi Beta Kappa
graduate of the University of Texas at Austin, majoring in Russian and
minoring in French. He joined the Peace Corps that same year and was
assigned to Massaua, Eritrea (then a part of the Empire of Ethiopia),
where he taught English, science and mathematics at the local high

Subsequently he attended the Foreign Service Institute in Washington,
D.C., and was assigned to the Refugee Program in South Vietnam during
the war. Fluent in both French and Vietnamese, Rob also served as a
translator for the U.S. Embassy in Saigon. He has studied a number of
other foreign languages, has graduate credits in linguistics from UCLA
and has widely travelled across 50 countries in North America, Europe,
Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

Rob became interested in "catastrophism and ancient history" in 1972
and avidly pursued the ideas of Dr. Immanuel Velikovsky. He became a
part of the so-called "Velikovskian School" as propounded by the
former KRONOS Journal. Following the death of Dr. Velikovsky in
November 1979, this "school" fractured into smaller, often rival
groups. After a hiatus from 1980 through 1993, during which time he
worked as a professional photographer and writer, Rob became
fascinated by the books of Zecharia Sitchin concerning Planet X
Nibiru. His original website was uploaded in 1996, after he had made
the assumption, now shared by many, that the "cosmic cataclysm"
described by Dr. Velikovsky was caused by the "comet-planet" of Mr.
Sitchin. Subsequently Rob developed his theory of "The Cosmic Tree" by
integrating both these men's ideas with those of Giorgio de Santillana
and Hertha von Dechend in Hamlet's Mill. Rob's theory of "The Cosmic
Tree" is unique and has not been explored by other researchers on the

In June 2003, Rob was interviewed for the video Planet X Nibiru -
Assessing The Science.

Rob Solàrion was also one of the world's leading authorities on the
life and times of Apollonius of Tyana.

Source for bio info.

Rob wrote Apollonius of Tyana and The Shroud of Turin in 2005. He
earlier wrote Osiris, Isis & Planet X: Chasing the Centuries and
Planet X Nibiru: Slow-Motion Doomsday.

Posted by Loren Coleman at 10:56 AM
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Mark said...

> "due to the amazing coincidence of the media announcement of the
search for another planet in our solar system coming on the same date
as Rob's death news"

Jacques Vallee (with Tracy Tormé) wrote a sad but interesting
book, "Fastwalker." One part of the premise is that there is genuine
weirdness going on, real high strangeness. But at the same time
somebody, for some reason, is creating counterfeit weirdness,
counterfeit high strangeness, that is hard to tell apart from the real

Solàrion must be smiling in the afterlife, seeing the Planet X
news and news of his passing creating a kind of harmony. Somehow.
12:30 PM

Andy Z

Feb 19, 2011, 5:51:03 AM2/19/11
I'm saddened to hear of this news about Rob Solarion.  I appeared on the same video as him bck in 2003, and we often corresponded about Nibiru.  We even reviewed each others books - having somewhat different viewpoints, but a similar fascination with the works of Sitchin and Velikovsky.  I always found him to be knowledgeable and insightful, as well as a colourful character.  I'll miss this friendly scholar.
Many thanks,

Andy Lloyd

Author of "The Dark Star"(2005), "Ezekiel One" (2009) and "The Followers of Horus" (2010) 
published by Timeless Voyager Press

'The Dark Star Theory'


'The Gardens Gallery'

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Feb 19, 2011, 7:59:37 AM2/19/11
 There was a lot to his thoughts on Hypborea. I still believe that there is a missing connection. There was a Heaven celestial object. And there was a bond between it and the rest of the planets. Jacobs ladder,bifrost, in revelations it's called a holy bridge of light.  I got that from Solarion.   

From: Andy Z <>
Sent: Sat, February 19, 2011 5:51:03 AM
Subject: RE: Planet X Researcher Solàrion Dies

Vento do Ceu

Feb 20, 2011, 10:12:30 PM2/20/11
to grupo nibiru
Yes indeed, all group will miss Rob...  after read about The Twelve Planet, his site was the first that cought my attention, and I had a big experiencie there, because suddenly the interface of my Macintosh became golden instead silvered as usual...  the first time I believed the Rob´s site was the cause, but when I wished to show that change to a friend, nothing happened...  the day after that, by second time, the Mac interface changed, so I knew I was in front of a peculiar experiencie, and I got the feeling that Sitchin´s proposition was true... it may sound some mistical, some what else, but it was enough for me...  after that I found Andy´s site and decided to translate it to Spanish, my true language (sorry about my awful English, I will say it  forever...)
embrace you all folks, and let Rob rest in peace and the soul who animated him reaches other dimentions of existence... and embraces Zecharia´s soul too...
the vento

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Date: Sat, 19 Feb 2011 10:51:03 +0000
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