Massive BD the size of Jupiter

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Andy Lloyd

Mar 2, 2022, 5:29:01 AMMar 2
to Dark Star Planet X

Massive Jupiter-sized Brown Dwarf


A 64 Jupiter-mass brown dwarf has recently been discovered transiting its parent red dwarf star.  The star system, TOI-2119, is about a billion years old and is located just over 100 light years away.  The brown dwarf companion, TOI-2119b, is located in quite a close but eccentric orbit around its parent star.  

Because it routine cross in front of its star (as seen from Earth, astronomers have been able to study its size using the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) mission.  They have determined that this brown dwarf (BD) companion isn't much larger in size than Jupiter:

"TOI-2119b has a radius of about 1.08 Jupiter radii, while its mass is estimated to be 64.4 Jupiter masses. It orbits its host star every 7.2 days, at a distance of some 0.06 AU from it. The orbit of this brown dwarf has an eccentricity at a level of 0.337 and is inclined 88.4 degrees.  ...the authors of the paper concluded that TOI-2119b may have formed in an eccentric, close-in orbit, or it may currently be undergoing a quick inward migration from a farther out formation distance that will take billions of years to complete." (1)

Because the star system is over a billion years old, the brown dwarf has had time to burn off its nuclear fuel, and so cool down considerably from its early bright youth.  This will have led to contraction as it did so:

"We generally expect BDs to contract with age as they cool over time as they lack a mechanism to initiate any increase in radius like stars do." (2)

Even so, it's striking how dense this object is.  It's not much bigger than Jupiter in size, but 64 times as massive!  Although not discussed in the paper (beyond its temperature (1750 Celsius), I can only assume that this brown dwarf is particularly active - a seething and turbulent world of extreme heat and weather.  Given what we know about Jupiter's aurorae and X-ray emissions, one can only imagine what this BD is capable of - despite being a 'failed' star.


Written by Andy Lloyd, 1st March 2022

Barry Warmkessel

Mar 2, 2022, 10:44:01 PMMar 2
to, Dark Star
Sorry I have not been very active on the message board.

A21: Israeli NEWS Live Reports The Impending Asteroid Strike. This generally coincides with my analysis as well:


The cosmic impact threat to Earth will exist for the next 150 years. There will be five peak threat intervals that will occur at approximate the following times:
  • 7946 BC + 9938 = 1993 AD +/- 42.6 years ~ (2022? +/- 1) years
  • 7907 BC + 9938 = 2032 AD +/- 42.1 years ~ (2061? +/-5) years
  • 7878 BC + 9938 = 2061 AD +/- 42.1 years ~ (2090? +/-5) years
  • 7812 BC + 9938 = 2127 AD +/- 41.1 years ~ (2156? +/-5) years
  • 7797 BC + 9938 = 2142 AD +/- 41.1 years ~ (2171? +/-5) years
For 2022, the peak threat will begin ~Sep. 24 to 28.

Possible times for Earth impact by a large comet fragment are:

The debris stream seems to extend over two years and increased in observations during 2021. This suggests that 13 Dec. +/- a day or two of 2022 and 21 January +/- a day or two of 2023 may contain major celestial impacts to Earth in the Atlantic and/or Caribbean basin:
Point Alpha: - Swarm B. Claii
IMPACT THREAT LEVEL YELLOW12/01/20 to 12/31/20
13 DEC/49 EVENTS H-1,M-1 - Swarm B. Claii
IMPACT THREAT LEVEL RED 09/21/21 to 12/15/21
13 Dec./100 EVENTS H+-1,M-4 - Swarm B. Claii
14 Dec./214 EVENTS L-3,M-3 - Swarm B. Claii
Point Beta: - Swarm B. Claii
IMPACT THREAT LEVEL YELLOW 01/01/21 to 06/31/21
22JAN/23 EVENTS H-1 - Swarm B. Claii
IMPACT THREAT LEVEL YELLOW 01/01/22 to 06/31/22
20JAN/26 EVENTS H-1 - Swarm B. Claii
21JAN/21 EVENTS H-1 - Swarm B. Claii
Apparently, a major impact threat to Earth extends from December 2022 thru January 2023.

Barry W.

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