Publication: Dr. Cailah Jackson, Mevlevi Manuscripts, 1268–c. 1400: A Study of the Sources

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Jake Benson

May 3, 2024, 2:36:05 PMMay 3

On May 2, 2024, at 23:48, Ibrahim <> wrote:

Dear Marian,

Have just finished reading your book, Looking For Rumi, which I highly recommend ( ), and found it to be well--written and full of love and dedication for Rumi and his works. It is a valuable contribution in the form of travel stories about your visits to ongoing "Lovers ol Rumi"/Masnavi study centers in several Muslim countries—for example, your visit to Haydari Wujudi's Masnavi class in the Kabul public library.

I met Haydari Wujudi at an international Rumi conference in Kabul, Afghanistan in 2007. I was joined by Rawān Farhādī, the Afghan scholar with whom I was working with at the time on the translation of The Quatrains of Rumi. After the conference, us scholars were invited by the Government to travel to Balkh. We flew to Mazar-i Sharif and went by cars to Balkh (while soldiers lined up all along the road to protect us; the next evening, I was in Konya)


(The following is what I wrote in my log at the time::)

Had breakfast with the Farhadis. I told him that I hoped to meet two people: Haydar Wujūdī (a Masnavi teacher at the Kabul Library.... Dr. Farhadi sat to my right, and when another man sat to my left,  he said to me, ‘That’s Wujūdī!” He was an elderly man with Parkinson’s. Farhadi had said that he was “a kind of murshid.” I tried my best to communicate with him and he was friendly. I showed him a Quatrains Samples booklet and sang some Masnavi verses in his ear. However, I was interrupted by someone who requested a booklet." [And then the conference resumed]


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On Saturday, April 20, 2024 at 10:21:59 AM UTC-7 wrote:
Dear Ibrahim Efendi and dear respected members of this group, 

Let me start by expressing my gratitude for Dar-al-Masnavi. I deeply appreciate the level of attention and love that is reflected in all the exchanges here. Thank you, Ibrahim Efendi, for your continuous dedication and guidance.

I would like to share with you that my travelogue-biography of Rumi has been expanded and translated into English from the original German edition, under the title Looking for Rumi - A Quest to Find the Treasure Beneath the Ruins.

The book is based on twelve years of traveling in Rumi’s footsteps through Afghanistan, Iran, Syria and Turkey. The narrative is guided by the question: To what extent is Rumi still alive in the lands he walked on? The chapters include joining a Rumi circle in Kabul, attending Masnavi lessons in Afghanistan's largest library with Haydari Wujudi, one of the country's last Sufi shaykhs (who sadly passed away shortly after I spoke to him), sitting for sohbat with a Naqshbandi saint in the Iranian-Afghan borderlands, talking Rumi with an Iranian hippie-turned-hermit in the mountains of Neyshabur and visiting Shaykha Hayat Nur Artıran, the spiritual successor of Şefik Can Dede, in her centre in Istanbul. 

The book is available for order on all major Amazons, such as Amazon US, UK, Canada, Australia and most EU countries.

If you are not able to order the book in your country or your financial resources do not allow you to purchase it, just write me a brief email and I will be more than happy to send you a free PDF copy. 

With appreciation and warm regards,



Looking for Rumi - A Quest to Find the Treasure Beneath the Ruins

Inspired by his love of Sufism and the poetry of Jalaluddin Rumi, the German-born writer Marian Brehmer shares his stories harvested from twelve extraordinary years of traveling in Rumi’s footsteps. We explore the hidden world of Islamic mysticism and meet Sufis, seekers and sages from Afghanistan, Iran, Syria and Turkey, all geographies that are often deeply misunderstood and the subject of negative headlines.

To what extent is Rumi still alive in the lands he walked on? Who is this great saint and poet - now so popular in the West - to the people between the Hindu Kush and the Bosphorus? How does he continue to enlighten those who turn towards him? With Rumi as his guide, Marian embarks on a pilgrimage through inner and outer landscapes that is both a fascinating adventure and an intimate quest for our deepest roots -- a journey which also stirs our own spiritual longings.

Includes 50 photographs and a list of recommended Rumi resources!

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May 3, 2024, 7:37:24 PMMay 3
to Dar-al-Masnavi
Dear Jake,

Thank you vey much for the post about the forthcoming book, Mevlevi Manuscripts, which. I have pre-ordered (due to be shipped next month).


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