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Zipped !! Danny Gokey Jesus People Album Download Popular singer Danny Gokey Today dropped another great Album titled “Jesus People” Its trending and is right here for your free download.

"I believe there is something musically and inspirationally for everyone on this album – it's full of hope and encouragement that I think we can all use right now," Gokey shared. "In the writing process and also in choosing the title, I was inspired by the life of Jesus and how his presence has been a staple throughout history. He was a figure that brought the broken, the hurting, and those that had lost their dreams together in a unifying way, and that's something I inspire to do.

Tracklist :-
1. Make A Difference
2. He Believes In You
3. Truth Is
4. Agradecido
5. Do For Love ft. Angie Rose
6. All Are Welcome
7. Jesus People
8. We All Need Jesus ft. Koryn Hawthorne
9. Peace
10. Stand In Faith
11. Stay Strong
12. Cristo Es Necesario ft. Christine D’Clario

“Musically, I got to explore some new things and cross some genre borders. I'm excited for listeners to hear the collaborations with the special guests featured on the project, including gospel, Latin and even a little rap. It's something I love doing and hope to do more of in the future."

“Jesus People” features songs with artists such as Koryn Hawthorne ("We All Need Jesus"), the Spanish song featuring Christine D'Clario ("Cristo Es Necesario") and Angie Rose ("Do For Love"). The album's flagship song, "Stand In Faith," just went for adds at radio, becoming the most-added single in the genre. Most of all, throughout the project, Gokey's songs touch on love, gratitude and truth. 

"Jesus said they would know us by our love," Gokey said of one of the repeating themes on the album. "What is love? Love is patient, love is kind, love is long-suffering, love does not envy. It does not seek self. I think the best way we can show love is by living love. People can say, 'I love you' all the time, but I can tell through your actions how you actually feel. I think love is the key. Love is what fuels and changes things and, really, meets people right where they're at with no strings attached."