Finding the Right Belly Dance Costume

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gloria reid

Mar 26, 2009, 10:05:57 PM3/26/09
to dancejag

Belly dance costumes aren't difficult, and when one is custom made to
fit you, it's the best! There are books, videos, patterns, and
articles available on belly dance costumes and if you just use your
imagination you can come up with something that works for you. We will
discuss some of the basics necessary to outfit yourself in an
attractive and enticing belly dance costume.
Chain belts can be used as a hip belt, and you can even build it up
with other bits of costume jewelry or chains that you might have on
hand. If you have enough costume jewelry, you can fashion a matching
necklace, or stomach drape, or add jewelry pieces to a swimsuit top to
make a bra. Chain-mail fringed with belly dancer jingles and fire
polished beads provide enchanting sound and color. Anklet also provide
a nice touch highlighting the feet and encouraging your audience to
notice the movements down there.
Some of the attire features a headband, veil, halter top, and
pantaloons. As you may imagine, the variety of colors, styles and
various accessories are only limited to the imagination of the dancer.
When measuring for your fit, remember that hips should be measured at
the hip bone with the length going from the hip bone to the floor.
Spanning many different borders and various cultures this dance is
regarded as a unique art from with an appealing style of its own. It
has traditional associations of both religious and erotic elements.
Some find this offensive and has resulted in disdain and scorn by some
but generally loved by many. Its apparent origins are the fertility
cults of the ancient world. Belly dancing is uniquely designed for the
lovely female body, with an emphasis on stomach muscles, hip moves,
and chest moves. It is firm and earthy, traditionally with bare feet
connected to the ground and is characterized by smooth, flowing,
complex, and sensual movements of the torso, alternated with shaking
and shimmy-type moves.
Dancers in the United States, while respecting the origins of belly
dance, are also exploring and creating within the dance form to
address their own needs. Issues of body-image, self-esteem, healing
from sexual violation, sisterhood, and self-authentication are
regularly addressed in belly dance classes everywhere.
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