Learning the Waltz

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jody sweeney

May 11, 2009, 10:12:42 PM5/11/09
to dancejag

The Waltz is one of the oldest recognized types of ballroom dancing
and is routinely one of the most asked for when it comes to taking
dancing lessons from a trained professional. This dance is one of the
easiest to learn and the most difficult to master, taking years of
practice to rise to a competitive level in the dance. The Waltz is
also one of the most popular dances in the world and is conducted at
formal events all over the world every year.
There are two major types of waltz dancing that may be performed by a
skilled ballroom dancer. The Viennese Waltz was the original type of
waltz and is considered the fast style of the dance. The other style
of waltz dancing is often known as the English Waltz or simply the
Waltz and is considered the slower form of the dance. The type of
dance performed depends on the pace of the music that is being played
at the time.
One of the reasons why the Waltz continues to be so popular is because
the steps and the rhythm of the dance can be modified to fit many
different types of popular music. By slightly slowing down or speeding
up the pace of the dance, the Waltz can fit nearly every piece of
popular music of any time in recent history. Although many individuals
choose to perform the Waltz to classical music, many others choose to
adapt the dance to their own favorite songs.
Couples that are engaged to be married frequently choose to take dance
lessons from a professional dance instructor prior to their wedding
date in order to learn to waltz for their first dance as man and wife.
Because the Waltz can be easily adapted to popular music, the
individuals can perform this classical dance to a song that has
personal meaning for them, enhancing the experience of their first
dance at their wedding. A skilled professional dance instructor can
help the couple modify the moves that are performed for the dance in
order for the performance to be more comfortable for the individuals
While some individuals feel comfortable performing the Waltz after
only a few dancing lessons, most individuals require a more extended
program to feel confident with the movements needed to perform the
dance properly. How quickly the individual learns the dance will also
depend on their ability to practice on their own in order to refine
the movements to their personal technique. Individuals that practice
the moves on their own after their lesson has been conducted learn the
steps of the dance twice as quickly as individuals that rely on the
dance lessons alone.
There are numerous dance studios and professional dance instructors
that are willing to provide an individual with lessons in performing
the Waltz. The key to choosing a great professional dance instructor
is to choose someone that is understanding, patient, and willing to
help you perform the dance of your choosing at your own pace. Having a
professional dance instructor that knows how to perform the dance
properly as well as the most effective methods of teaching the dance
to amateurs will ensure that the individual taking the lessons will
have a fun and productive time learning the Waltz.
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