Where to Learn Ballroom Dancing

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tanya fehr

May 11, 2009, 10:13:41 PM5/11/09
to dancejag

After seeing ballroom dancing on television, you decide it's time for
you to get up and strap on those dancing shoes. Or, maybe you are
looking to get into shape but don't exactly want to pay for a gym
membership that may never be used. No matter what your reason,
deciding to learn ballroom dancing is an excellent decision. However,
if you have never been the dancing type before, you may be a bit
apprehensive and a bit confused as to where to start. Here are some
helpful tips to learning ballroom dancing.
First of all, it's possible that you're really shy and aren't ready to
attend a class of other dancers. While personal instruction is best,
it isn't your only option. Recently, ballroom dance has been brought
into the spotlight thanks to media coverage. Ballroom dancing has
grown by leaps and bounds in the past decade, and more and more people
are catching on to the dance craze. This is important and certainly
works in your favor because you can find several instructional DVD's
and videos on ballroom dancing. You can watch them in the comfort of
your own home and practice at any time. These may also be a more
affordable option than ballroom dance lessons.
You can also scout out the internet for instructional ballroom dance
websites. There are a couple of really good ones out there that break
down every type of ballroom dance and some that even have videos you
can watch. This may present a better option for you if you are on a
budget, as these websites are free of charge and all you need is
access to the internet.
If you'd prefer to physically attend ballroom dance lessons, look for
local dance studios in your area. You may have to research every
studio to see if they offer ballroom dance lessons for adults; several
dance studios only instruct children or certain types of dance such as
ballet or jazz. However, some dance studios will offer ballroom dance
camps or programs that last for a specified amount of time and aren't
One place you may want to consider looking into for ballroom dance
lessons is a local college or university. Several colleges now offer
ballroom dancing as a credit for physical education, and often they
will invite the public to attend the classes. These classes are
typically about one hour long, once or twice a week, and last for
about four to five months. Although the cost depends on the particular
institution, ballroom dance classes offered here are usually very
inexpensive or free.
A good way to keep cost at a minimum is to share your dance lessons
with a friend or partner. Even if you do not have a partner to attend
ballroom dance lessons with, most classes will pair you up if you are
single. There has never been a better time to learn ballroom dancing,
so why wait? Start learning to ballroom dance today!
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