Dancing in Proper Dance Shoes is Crucial

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gloria reid

May 11, 2009, 10:09:47 PM5/11/09
to dancejag

Not only is dancing a great way to exercise but it's probably the most
fun too. But if you dance a lot you should think about getting some
suitable dance shoes too as this will not only prolong your fun, it'll
benefit your feet as well. I've lost count of how many young women in
particular have had to leave the dance floor because they've developed
blisters, sprains, or just got plain uncomfortable wearing
inappropriate hip footwear.
Obviously the type of shoes you buy for dancing depends a lot on how
often you dance, where you dance, and how you dance. If you are just
an infrequent dancer who likes a jig on the occasional weekend, then
properly fitting dress shoes that you feel comfortable walking around
in should do the job just nicely.
If you are a dancing enthusiast then it's a different story. But if
you are passionate about dance to the extent that it's become a
regular pastime then you'll probably already beware of the kind of
shoes to be dancing in. If you're new to the game, here's a few
pointers are what type of footwear you should be looking at for what
kind of dance.
Ballroom Dance Shoes Shoes specifically for ballroom dancing will
likely have non-slip soles and a metal shank for support on the foot's
arch. This is very important as there's a lot going on down there in
the foot department.
Salsa This can really turn out to be a bit of a workout regime if you
get into it and it's popularity is certainly growing in the west of
recent years. Serious salsa dancers need salsa shoes and I would
suggest you seek advice from your salsa instructor before purchasing.
Ballet If you're getting into ballet then you've surely head of Ballet
Pointe shoes. These are the odd shaped shoes that allow ballet dancers
to dance on the very tips of their toes. However, they're not usually
the kind of shoe that a new enthusiast would begin with, and once
gain, properly fitted footwear for ballet dancing in crucial for you
safety and comfort, so consult your instructor prior to purchase.
Free Style This is your style and is usually is usually just a case of
strutting your stuff on the dance floors at discos and special events.
In such cases, just about any leather-soled foot wear will do just
Of course, the types of dace and dance moves are endless but most of
the popular forms of dancing have their own style of footwear and for
good reason too. Whether it's Latin dance, Jive, Argentine Tango, or
whatever, make sure your number one priority is finding the right kind
of dance shoes before you even hit the dance floor.
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