Dollar$ & $en$e – The Real Things: The Battle of the Tangibles

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Vincent Davis

Nov 15, 2010, 8:24:43 AM11/15/10

Inspiration:  Faith Evans – Real Things…

Okay so as of lately, I’ve been stuck on the new album from Faith Evans.   A solid artist indeed…  As I was listening, there’s a song that kind of reminds me of some of the things we discussed in last class…  The Real Things…

Many of us feel that if we are wealthy then we can be happy… And yes I agree with that.  But (cause you know there’s a but), what makes you wealthy?  Is your wealth defined by your bank account?  The zip code you live in?  The name brand clothing you wear?  Is it the Moet?  All of this and more is tangible… 

Tangible - an asset capable of being appraised at an actual or approximate value

It is amazing that we value our wealth; rather, who we are on an asset capable of being appraised at an actual or approximate value.  We choose to limit ourselves when we base our wealth on worldly stuff.  Why is that?  How come we don’t value who we are based on the intangible?

Intangible - an abstract quality or attribute (as loyalty or creativity).

There’s so much more to the individual then what he/she can buy.  God has blessed you with the income, but are you good steward?  You have the house, but do you have a warm God filled spirit?  Fellas, you can flash some cash at a female, but are you compassionate to her hidden pains.  Ladies, you probably gotta phatty and a lil waist, but do you possess the class of Queen Esther? 

THOUGHT:  We are quick to say that our riches reside in the Lord, but we cry wolf when we are broke in the natural.  We drown in complaints, when we should swim in His Blessings.  Maybe you are broke spiritually.  And if that’s the case… you might want to take an assessment of your assets.  God has blessed us tremendously with stuff, but He also blessed with security, serenity, stability… Ask yourself, what do you consider “The Real Things”? 

Let Faith tell ya bout it… ( )

Day #15 down, 76 days to go and a lifetime of prosperity in God...

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