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Vincent Davis

Nov 3, 2010, 12:23:03 PM11/3/10

I must say that I am really excited about this latest course; Financial Peace University.  Finally, some insight on how to manage the finances properly.  Hmmm, I would be taking this class as I am in the process of buying a house.  Seems like it would have made sense to do the class and then consider a house.  Something has been on my mind though.  Sunday during service, something was said that got me the thinking.  Some of the big ticket items that I would love to purchase or have purchased; why the desire?  What’s the reasoning in the purchase? 

I am reminded of the first big ticketed item I bought.  A 1994 sky blue Ford Escort LX Wagon. I loved this car.  For one I HAD CAR FINALLY!  But it was convenient in so many ways.  From the additional trunk space to the fact that this car could actually drive through snow.  Granted replacing tire rods were a pain, but I LOVED THIS CAR.  And it only cost $2000.  The biggest thing, it was mines… not owned by Ford Finance or whatever it’s called.  No monthly payments.  I held onto this car until about 2009 and it finally gave up the ghost.  In between that time, I bought another car in 2006.  A 2006 Black Acura TSX… alias… NUN OTHA… alias BLACK ESSCENCE.  I love this car as well, but nothing compares to my BLUE SENSATION!!! LOL.  But driving the Acura does push the ego level up some.  Thank goodness I have the reminder of filling up a 14-gallon tank on premium to humble me (lol) as well as the car note.  But I remember the #1 reason why I financed this car; credit building. 

By 2006, I’d obtained a job that was paying a good amount of money and my first thought was… BUY A HOUSE.  But at that time I realized that I needed to work on building my credit in a positive matter.  BE CONSISTENT with paying bills ON TIME and build up some credit, period.  Hence, I decided to go for a car.  Maybe not the smartest thing at the time, but the Acura has forced me to be committed to paying the note every month.  Since the demise of my BLUE SENSATION… I am determined to be a car owner AGAIN…  And that will prayfully become a reality at the end of 2011.  Acura Financial Services you fittin’ to be served!!! HALLELUJAH!

Today, I am now on the verge of an amazing adventure… homeownership and I’m excited, but conscience of the pending responsibility that comes with it.  Mortgage, utilities, up keep of the house, neighbors, and so on.  Which brought me back to why am I now purchasing a home?  I guess it was on a humble.  Back in May of this year, I was told that Ryan Homes was building townhomes within walking distance of Addison Road Station in Capitol Heights, MD.  Now most that know Capitol Heights… assumes that it’s hood.  But that’s not the case.  Tyson’s Corner in VA can be hood and is at times too lol and that’s supposed to be high sadiddy… hmmm… But a great opportunity for a reasonable price… why not?

And so now I am within days/weeks of settlement on a dream that I wasn’t looking to see a reality until I was about 33.  But I guess God had to remind me it’s not my will but His Will.  But if I had to put a reason on it… God spoke to me and said, “Son it’s time for the next level… be ready to do your part and I have your back.”  And I guess that’s why I am in this class as well… I’m starting to see where God is at work and I’m hearing the invitation to HIS WORK. 

Currently we are in Lesson #1 – Super Saving.  Interesting already.  We are being challenged to start an emergency fund with a $1000 in a money market account.  I also made a challenge to myself to pay off my Navy Fed Credit Card and Car Note by the end of 2011.  I’ve also made the challenge to pay my student loan off myself within 3 years.  A bold declaration for someone buying a house, but I’m focusing on the truth who is Jesus Christ and He’s in control; therefore, it will all happen in His Time.

Well, that’s it for today…

THOUGHT:  Before you decide to make that big purchase, ask yourself why are you considering it?  Is it out of emotion?  Is it what God has ordered you to do?  Will the purchase hold a long term value that will lead to prosperity?  Also, make a goal to pick a bill; big or small and pay it off.  If you can do it in 6 months, 12 months; whatever… make that goal for yourself and see how God works in the midst of it.  You’ll feel such gratitude that you accomplished a goal that you’ll want to do more.  But make sure… IN ALL YOU DO AND WHO YOU ARE, SEEK GOD FIRST AND LET HIM ORDER YOUR PATH…


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