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Vincent Davis

Nov 22, 2010, 4:43:07 PM11/22/10

(Yes, I meant to spell it like that lol)

At the age of 29…. Can it be? Is it possible? Is Vincent Augustus Davis Junior becoming….dare I say it…. Domesticatedededed? Oh God, now I really feel like my parents LOL!  Well that ain’t such a bad thing… I mean I get such good looks from Vinnie Sr and Rosie!  Thank ya Lawd for GOOD GENETICS!!! AND IF YOU GOT GUD GENETICS, YOU BETTA PRAISE HIM!!!! *Ahem*, my bad…lol.

Ight enough of that lol (I know y’all just pray lol).  But I’m excited, because I actually set my budget with assistance from one of my friends and of course with God leading.  To much surprise, I actually had money left over.  Well not really.  The money left over will go to my emergency fund and credit card.  But it’s really a good feeling because now I can see where the money is going.  Also, there are funds that are allocated to pay my tithes which I’m thankful for and also for entertainment which is pretty cool.  But with this comes a few thoughts:

#1.  Not every month’s budget will be the same; therefore, I must set the budget every month.  Sounds like a lot of work, but at least the mindset gets yet another chance to make a change… yes, I am ridding myself of my weekly/daily caramel mocha with whip cream and caramel drizzle (GLORY!!!!!) *ahem*, my bad lost track for a second lol. 

#2.  I’ve decided that it’s time to take some authority over the career.  Therefore, I’ll be looking into some training at the office, as well as graduate studies in Statistics… yeah; I’m a nerd and whut??? To let my nieces tell it, Veeg got swag… ummmm I guess… but naw, its time.  All apart of some goals in 2011 starting now.

#3.  Most important… that the lessons that I am learning will be a benefit for others; like my nieces… godsons… and people in general… This information that I am learning in Financial Peace is such a blessing.  Amazing how I am in this class now; right when I’m about to embark on homeownership… God, You truly amaze me how You orchestrate everything…

THOUGHT:  This life is interesting.  You ever stopped and thought about how God just connects the pieces?  A huge jig saw puzzle… or a statistics problem… or a computer program that needs to be solve.  And yet when we doubt how it will come together… God has already worked it out… Instead of worrying… we must believe God and be obedient unto Him.  As it was taught in the Living Purpose Entries… “Don’t focus on the circumstances… focus on the Truth.  Jesus Christ is Truth…”  Don’t believe me… live long enough and go through a trial… I guarantee you; you will experience the Truth…

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