HERE IT IS! dames on frams 2

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Aug 7, 2007, 6:08:53 PM8/7/07

Well, here it is! Read onscreen, or print and distribute. Thanks again to
everyone who contributed!

I've attached two files:

"dames 2 VIEW ON SCREEN.pdf" is set up for viewing on your computer screen.
"dames on frames 2 PRINT" is set up to print.

I recommend checking out the on screen version first, so you can see what
its supposed to look like.

Below, I have included some notes on printing/assembly.


-This is set up so that when you print 10 double-sided pages, and cut it in
half, you'll have two 'zines.
-Make sure that for page scaling, you select "none".
-Printing double-sided works differently depending upon the computer. When
in the print screen, look under the "properties" or "advance" buttons for
something that says either "double-sided" or "duplex". There will be at
least 2 options for how to line the pages up. Try either "top-top" or "open
to left" first.
-Start by printing one copy and check that it lined up ok. The problem to
watch out for is if the backs of pages are upside-down from the fronts.

NOTES ON ASSEMBLY: There are actually instructions on the cover of the
'zine as to how to assemble.
-First, take the whole stack of 10 pieces of paper and use a *sharp*
paper-cutter to cut it in half one way.
-Second, fold each of those stacks in half and stable along the fold. Then
read and distribute! (obvious reminder that I almost forgot to do myself .
. . if your planning on photo-copying, print a copy and don't cut it in
half so that you have something to copy from . . .)

Dames 2 VIEW ON SCREEN.pdf
Dames on Frames 2 PRINT.pdf

Ruthie Hansen

Oct 22, 2013, 6:47:23 PM10/22/13

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Here it is! -Ruthie
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Dames 2 VIEW ON SCREEN.pdf
Dames on Frames 2 PRINT.pdf
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