What is stress got to do with it? have to do with Shingles?

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Richard G. Traylor

Nov 13, 2021, 11:13:37 AM11/13/21
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My experience with shingles has always been blamed on stress. However, experts disagree about the extent of stress that can trigger shingles according to research published on March 17 in Clinical Infectious Diseases. According to the National Institute on Aging, it is linked with an older age and lower immunity.

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The stress, as the story says, could have diminished my immune system enough to allow the virus spread. A meta-analysis released in January of 2020 in Open Forum Infectious Diseases suggested that depression and family history may increase your risk for developing shingles, and considering that I have both of them going for my health, I thought ... and voila! may be!

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 After filling my prescriptions and visiting the doctor I didn't travel for a few days. I was like David Bowie, with a lightning bolt smacking his face. However, I was still not 100 percent normal. The rash was not always unbearably painful, however there were frequent bursts of pain that let me know my nerves weren't my own. More troubling: If I attempted to venture outside even with my bangs down and my sunglasses covering my sun's rays, the sun caused a stinging painful ache on my forehead. It almost made me laugh -- because wanting to shudder that much in sunlight was something straight out of Twilight.

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 I'm sure I've mentioned that I'm an anxious individual, but I'm also a strong person and that makes the anxiety all the more shameful.

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Although I liked the possibility to lie in bed as Proust and read some of my childhood books, it was a chore and after a few months, it became a chore. It was time to return to the living once more, which I was able to do because the drugs performed. After a week I was back to myself -- thankfully and gratefully.

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 It's not difficult to make healthy, fast meals that are diabet-friendly with just a little know-how and these recipes.

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