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Howard Pollack

Aug 7, 2010, 11:49:50 AM8/7/10
to daikudojo
Hi- Same problem as usual at Laney- I can't sign up. Same old error
message: "Error: You have already taken this class. You have exceeded
the maximum number of times ..." What to do?


Aug 7, 2010, 1:56:52 PM8/7/10
to daik...@googlegroups.com, howard...@comcast.net
dear continuing students of daikudojo- its the same every time, at this point i would say you should contact dean peter crabtree (pcra...@peralta.edu)  and layout our problems to him and see what he says. you might mention that you are a valued member of the student crew working on the fence at the japanese garden and your attendance and work on finishing the fence by the December deadline is essential. i was told  in the past-before the money meltdown, that these classes could be repeated 2times and then you could retake the class after two years- which i understood to mean- after twice in advanced joinery, twice in special projs, and twice in garden structures, you could sign up for advanced joinery and the cycle again because it had been two years since you last enrolled in it. see what he says about this ...  at merritt lanht class (cgr...@peralta.edu.)  new dept chair,  the official limit is 3 times on the forms i filled out for the class. dont know the turn around time to repeat. last summer session shouldn't count. and hope fully by the spring i will have new sections added to the class lists.   jay   
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