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Jonathan Kliem

Jun 3, 2021, 4:34:05 PM6/3/21
to cython-users
Dear all,

we have created a new package (refactored from a SageMath module). It is just a little extension class, which allocates memory for you and frees all the memory when deallocated. Usage:

    from memory_allocator cimport MemoryAllocator

    cdef int foo():
        cdef MemoryAllocator mem = MemoryAllocator()
        cdef int* foo = <int*> mem.allocarray(100, sizeof(int))
        return foo[53]

    cdef class MyClass:
        cdef MemoryAllocator mem
        cdef int* foo
        def __cinit__(self):
            self.mem = MemoryAllocator()
   = <int*> self.mem.calloc(100, sizeof(int))

It spares you from writing a custom `__dealloc__` function or from freeing memory at every possible point of exit of a function. `MemoryAllocator` has a small overhead in comparison to `libc.stdlib`: The above function takes about 40ns for me, in contrast to only 9ns that it would take with plain `malloc`/`free`.

For me, this overhead is usually worth it and spares me from code duplication and prevents errors.

Jonathan Kliem
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