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Shaun McDonald

Jan 9, 2022, 8:10:50 PMJan 9
to 'STEVE WILLETT' via Cycle Ipswich
I’ll be looking to respond to this. Would you have any comments to incorporate?

This underpass is an ideal link to get from Pinebrook/Copdock to Sproughton, Bramford, and west Ipswich, and I’ve used it many times. However it’s got a major limitation in terms of the ramp between Church Lane and the underpass having steps and being very difficult to cycle up and down, especially with the cargo trike. Anything to make that ramp more accessible will be hugely beneficial. Interesting they mention 5km, thus could we try and get a cycle track added to Hadleigh Road and A1071 to connect up with the existing shared use on London Road?

(As this is a public mailing list, I’ve removed some of the contact details with regard to this.)


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From: "Campbell, Aoife" 
Subject: Cycle Ipswich Engagement A14 Church Lane Underpass Sproughton
Date: 7 January 2022 at 11:04:29 GMT
Cc: "Guthrie, Neil" 

Dear Cycle Ipswich, 
We are undertaking Walking, Cycling and Horse-riding Assessment Reports (WCHAR) on behalf of National Highways for the following scheme:
  • A14 Church Lane Underpass scheme in Sproughton (Grid Ref: 612890 , 244410)
We are interested in any concerns that you may have with regard to cycling facilities or routes within the 5km study area around the scheme (please see attachment)  
This will allow us to make the relevant local authorities aware of opportunities to enhance facilities for cyclists, which could be incorporated in the projects.
We would greatly appreciate your comments within the next two weeks as this will allow us to adequately understand and incorporate these within the designs.
Many Thanks in advance, 

Civil Engineer, Transportation 
Engineering, Design and Project Management

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Chris Taylor

Jan 10, 2022, 3:50:32 AMJan 10
to cycle-...@googlegroups.com
Hi Shaun,

As a fellow cyclist ....and  Quiet lanes Suffolk project team member

Agree with your comments re the Sproughton A14 tunnel, useful but not very friendly or pleasant, 
could do with better access, improved lighting and clearance of vegetation, including removal of
bollards across path and better alignment of the dropped curbs between the path and roadway to aid
the smooth flow of anyone on wheels, cyclist, mob scooter and pram users for example. 

Also some sort of connection to a cycle route down hadleigh road, especially with the development thats going on
near the roundabouts.

Can you also point out that Church Lane, Sproughton (on both sides of the A14) is to be designated by SCC as a quiet lane under our scheme.
(Its part of a wave of lanes that will be legally designated in the next month).

Can you also labour the point that it would be useful to get the Pedestrian Tunnels that run from Copdock under the A12 to Belstead
and from Belstead Brook under the A14 to Belstead Village upgraded including their associated PROW's so as to be more
wheeled user friendly (ie combined cycleway / footpath) and create better active travel routes.

I assume any 'consultant worth his money' will be aware of these issues.
Thanks ...Chris Taylor

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Jan 10, 2022, 1:17:37 PMJan 10
to cycle-...@googlegroups.com
Hi Shaun,

I agree with you. This is de facto only a pedestrian path as at present it is a challenge to cycle on the east side of the A14 with the steps or the mud if avoiding the steps!

Steve Willett

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Leo Borwick

Jan 11, 2022, 6:56:13 AMJan 11
to cycle-...@googlegroups.com
The 5km radius is indeed pretty wide - Westerfield railway station, Wherstead and Hintlesham all included, not to mention most of central and west Ipswich.  However, it might be more manageable to focus on a smaller area more immediately associated with the scheme.  So the B1113, A1071 and link to the A1214 (currently a muddy footpath over a field) all seem relevant.  You might add improvements to the A1214 to bring it up to LTN 1/20 standard.  It might also be worth mentioning the Gipping Valley path and upgrading it to allow use by cycles beyond the railway bridge, which has been discussed, but was expensive to do if I remember correctly and for me would be more of a leisure facility than a transport route, because it is rather indirect in terms to getting to places.  From that point of view, completing what has been started on Sproughton Road, presumably as a CIL obligation for the Amazon development, so that it extends from Bramford Road to Sproughton village, would be more useful.


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