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Richard Moore

Feb 25, 2017, 1:55:42 AM2/25/17
Bcc: FYI

Jim Macgregor wrote:
Look forward to it, Richard.  Hope you are well.
Best wishes,

William Aal wrote:
Bill Aal

Thanks guys! I’m looking forward to comments going directly to the blog. Of course I’ll need to deal with trolls, but WordPress presumably has tools for that.


Jim Fadiman wrote:
good for you to be up and running for the great years of swift decline.

Thanks Jim. Let’s see, when shall we say swift decline began? Most of my US friends these days would of course say it began with Trump’s election. I think back to 9/11, when we lost the Constitution, and to Reagan, when we lost any pretense of sensible economics. That’s the one Trump emphasizes.


jackson davis wrote:
Hi Richard,
I know you don't believe in any of this, but when the time comes at least you'll be aware if what is happening.
Dr. Guy McPherson, Professor Emeritus of Natural Resources and Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Arizona, is an expert on Human Extinction, and therefore knowledgeable about the habitat necessary for human survival. As the global average temperature rises above a certain point, it's not that human beings can't live at higher temperatures, but that the plants that we and other animals depend upon for food cannot adapt fast enough and they die out. 
Dr. McPherson is now predicting that human extinction will occur within 18-42 months from now, based on the probability of giant methane "burps" due to the warming of the Arctic Ocean and Permafrost. …

It’s amazing what kind of conclusions people can reach, when they ignore climate history. For example, if they ignore the fact that the past 200 years of warming has followed a predictable natural pattern, then they search around for unlikely causes, like trace amounts of greenhouse gases. Also, if they ignore the fact that it was much warmer within the past 10,000 years than it is now, they mistakenly believe we are in unusually warm times. And if they ignore the fact that we’re approaching the next ice age, they lose all perspective. Human extinction in less than 2 years? Do you really believe that? Are you storing food and moving somewhere in the far north? At least you won’t be one of those worrying about Trump. Beware the Big Lie Syndrome.


Tasha Polak wrote:
Hi, Richard, yAY!! Hope this finds you well. Glad to hear about the site upgrade.
QUICK question-- are you still doing a FB page?  For months I have gotten an error msg. 
Sorry, this page isn't available
The link you followed may be broken, or the page may have been removed

Is anyone else having this problem?  Please click below and let me know...


James McCumiskey wrote:
Hi Richard,
There seems to be two schools of thought re Donald Trump
1) Trump is an insider and would not be President, if the oligarchy did not want him.  I know you and James Corbett among others share this viewpoint.
2) Trump won despite the oligarchy and is not an insider. Michael Rivero has this viewpoint among others.
I am more and more inclined to the second viewpoint, because 1) media is unrelenting in its hostility to Trump and 2) CIA etc got rid of Michael Flynn.
It is clear that the Powers that Be want to get rid of Trump.
For discussion??

My own view combines the two alternatives you offer: the oligarchy wanted him in so that they could then kick him out. It’s the old Hegelian game: create a crisis, and then offer a solution – the implementation of the ‘solution’ being the purpose of creating the crisis. My next posting will expand on this theme. Beware the Shock Doctrine.


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