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Richard Moore

Oct 22, 2016, 9:29:05 AM10/22/16
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Vera Gottlieb forwarded:
And thanks for sending that piece by Richard Moore--I've sent it far and wide, as Jeff [Jewell] thinks it's the best analysis ever!!!

Vera Gottlieb wrote:
Very interesting reading, Richard. If I may add my “5 cents of wisdom”…I lived 30 years in the US and noticed that, standing up to the US, makes the US back down - not with pleasure. That is the “problem” with Russia and Putin: daring to stand up to the US, something the US is not used to. I have asked more than once: and what about China? It hasn’t said much of anything…yet. Will it step in if things really heat up? All this makes for a rather “cold spine”.

China has officially approved of Russia’s activities in Syria, and has sent advisors to help train Syrian troops. China and Russia are cooperating in a variety of ways, with the underlying purpose, it seems, of creating a multi-polar world. 


David Thrussell wrote:
...howdy Richard...
   ...i too miss your insightful writing on these matters:)...'s what we have been up to:

A fascinating collection of songs; thanks.


Madeline Bruce wrote:
Good piece of writing, and thinking. - Madeline Bruce, Nanaimo, B. C. 



Anita Sands wrote:
from me to you Mr Moore... anita

Good research!


Jim Fadiman wrote:
sad to agree with the clown show and the race to war with Russia.
  thanks for suggesting Dorothy's film. sad to say, as right on as ever.

I was pleased to see that Dorothy put all her films online. That one is quite timely. 


Revin Floyd wrote:
Great synopsis, Richard. Spot on as usual...
Keep on keeping on, brother.

will do!


Sally Moore wrote:
Hi Rich,
Thanks for the article. Guess this is as good a reason as any that Hilary and Trump have become the "choices" in the next election. Sad indeed.

After the last debate, I’m inclined to think that the whole point of Trump’s campaign has been to guarantee that Hillary gets elected. She is so vulnerable on so many points that any normal, respectable Republican could have beaten her. But not one who shoots himself in the foot at every opportunity. This means that the US will continue on its path of geopolitical bullying, which I’ll say more about in the next response. 

Tasha wrote:
Thank you, Richard. In essence, the President as Hood Ornament. Has a certain ring to it. What about Wikileaks? More background noise? An impudent gesture of theatrical proportions?
It's been kind of alarming the last decade or so not seeing anyone in any Presidential administration capable of conducting diplomacy and foreign affairs with key nations like Russia and China in an intelligent, adult way, someone who facilitated communication and give-and-take with Russia without 'Us' and 'Them' retreating into their corners prepping for the ultimate grudgematch. 
TashaMaria Tromer

One might say that the US is the last remaining imperialist power, behaving in the ways imperialist powers have historically behaved, from Babylon to Britain. An emphasis on force is characteristic of empire, as is a claim to exceptionalism. Force is necessary to maintain empire, and exceptionalism provides a rationalization for interfering in the affairs of others.
There is an upside to US belligerency. It opens the door for Russia and China to counter asymmetrically – by offering potential allies mutual benefit rather than threats. Thus the US unintentionally(?) contributes to the emergence of a multi-polar world, as shown dramatically in the last few days, by the Philippine pivot to China. 

Let’s take a step back and consider some basic truths. For one, US geopolitical dominance is on its last legs, no longer economically sustainable by a debt-ridden, de-industrialized nation. For another, capitalism is on its last legs, with little room left for real capital growth on this finite planet. For better or worse, those have been the pillars of world order for at least the past half century: US ‘leadership’ and capitalist growth. As those pillars crumble, a new order will inevitably emerge, either by accident or by design.
The oligarchs who dictate US policy and who control the global financial system are well aware that a change of order is inevitable. They’ve made it clear what kind of order they want, and they’ve been preparing for it for many years. They want a multi-polar world, but they want strong central governance, not subject to a veto, and they want to be able to pull the strings from behind the curtain.
From this perspective, US behavior makes perfect sense. The bully behavior leads to the emergence of multi-polar structures, while at the same time providing a bargaining chip: “I’ll stop threatening nuclear war, if you’ll reform the UN according to my formula”. 


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