Download quota is exceeded (Google Drive + Plex)

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Jul 20, 2021, 10:02:01 AMJul 20
to Cyberduck


I am in the process of migrating my entire media library to Google Drive. I am using Google Drive + Mountain Duck + Plex. However, I often get the message: Download quota is exceeded

Indeed, there also seems to be a download limit in addition to an upload limit.

This message results in not being able to download any file whatsoever via Mountain Duck or on Google Drive for 24 hours.

According to some forums this would come from a configuration to be done on Plex to prevent the library scan from causing this problem.

However I still have the same problem. I'm not sure but I'm wondering if, when analyzing the metadata, this counts as a full download of the file for google. I ask myself this question because when I go to Google logs I see that when I have done a scan of my library with Plex, Google counts this as "Download".

Has anyone ever had the problem?

If so, how to solve the problem, configuration to be done on Plex or Moutain Duck?


Robert Brown

Aug 18, 2021, 8:06:45 AMAug 18
to Cyberduck
Your Google Drive account comes with the following limits (which most users never hit):

Daily upload limit of 750 GB between your My Drive account and share drives.
No further uploads are allowed the day you hit the 750 GB limit.
Individual file uploads can’t be larger than 5 TB.

Also : The default quota limits for Drive API are 10,000 calls every 100 seconds, both per user and per project. This limit applies to the sum of read and write calls. ( Each time a file is accessed , usually plex causes this while building the library off of GDrive )
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