SFTP connections constantly drop...

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Jul 2, 2021, 10:07:09 AMJul 2
to Cyberduck
I'm editing on a live server, pulling files on to my Mac (BBEdit) to tweak and save back to the server - yes I know, but it's quick and expedient. Except it's flaky using SFTP... 

Two issues:

1. The files just don't save back on the server, leaving the original unedited version live. 

2. the local file acquires a sort of timestamp in its name and then doesn't update the original as above.

Condition 2 I can cope with - though why? - because at least I can see it's gone wrong, but condition 1 is hopeless. And it seems that once this link is broken then nothing fixes it short of closing everything and starting over... tedious. 

I've used other software with live SFTP editing without any of these issues-  it's unlikely to be the server end.

Any ideas... drives me nuts... 
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