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Forrest Aldrich

Apr 28, 2022, 2:47:35 PMApr 28
to Cyberduck
I want to use the "duck" tool to help automate some replication of content into a Cryptomator vault.   This could either be a local vault, or one that exists in the cloud on a supported provider.

The documentation seems a bit brief and the --help output doesn't provide much more:


Access to your Cryptomator Vaults from the command line. When accessing a vault using --download, --list or --upload, you will be prompted to provide the passphrase for the Vault if not found in the Keychain.

Use --vault <path> in conjunction with --upload to unlock a Vault. This allows uploading into a subdirectory of a Vault where the auto-detect feature does otherwise not work.

Would it be reasonable to have more usage examples here?   For example, testing the CLI against a local $PATH to a vault, doesn't seem to work.  Also, in the UI, it's not clear what the referenced "drive" is called.   I see a super long string in the toolbar that says " -- Google Drive" which I am guessing won't be useful typing out on the CLI.  I don't see a way to "rename" this if indeed the drive is referred to this on the CLI.

Does anyone have better usage examples of how to get this working?   For example, is duck able to connect to a local vault, or is this simply to a cloud-mounted vault?  Does the GUI need to be active if using the CLI?  How do/can I automate the replication process from a local directory to a vault (ie: local or into the cloud) without an interactive password.   Is anyone using fswatch for this, etc.


David Kocher

May 17, 2022, 3:59:28 AMMay 17
to 'Gefter Chongong' via Cyberduck
You can interact with a Cryptomator Vault by adding the --vault parameter to CLI commands.
* For example to list the contents of a vault, use

duck --vault /vault --list sftp://myhostname/vault/folder/

* Upload directly to an existing Cryptomator Vault using

duck --vault /vault --upload sftp://myhostname/vault/folder/ myfile

— David
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