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Jon Awbrey

Feb 1, 2019, 11:04:18 AM2/1/19
to Cybernetic Communications
Cybernetic Communications —

Three summers ago I hit on what struck me as a new insight into
one of the most recalcitrant problems in Peirce's semiotics and
logic of science, namely, the relation between “the manner in
which different representations stand for their objects” and the
way in which different inferences transform states of information.
I roughed out a sketch of my epiphany in a series of blog posts
then set it aside for the cool of later reflection. Now looks
to be that later and looking out my window it is certainly cooler.

A first pass through the variations of representation and reasoning
distinguishes the axes of iconic, indexical, and symbolic manners of
representation on the one hand and the axes of abductive, inductive,
and deductive modes of inference on the other. Early and often Peirce
will argue for a natural correspondence between these modes of inference
and these manners of representation but Peirce's early arguments differ
from his later accounts in ways deserving a second look. This is partly
for the extra points in his line of reasoning and partly for his explanation
of indices as signs constituted by convening the variant conceptions of sundry

To be continued ...


Cf: { Information = Comprehension × Extension } • Revisited
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