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Jon Awbrey

Jan 22, 2020, 10:24:14 AM1/22/20
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Cf: Pragmatic Semiotic Information : Discussion 19

Re: Differential Logic and Dynamic Systems
Re: FB | Systems Sciences
::: Kenneth Lloyd

An exchange on Facebook took me back to recent discussions of pragmatic truth
( )
and long-running discussions of pragmatic semiotic information
( ) .
Just by way of a note to myself and anyone who's interested, I'll record my comment
and a few links here by way of keeping the relevant gray cells warm.

Concepts of belief, fact, knowledge, opinion, etc. look rather different
from a Peircean pragmatic perspective, in other words, when analyzed
in terms of the pragmatic maxim. In time the traditional conceptions
begin to strike us as increasingly clumsy tools, better supplanted by
Peirce's concept of information.


* Pragmatic Maxim
( )

* Pragmatic Theory Of Truth
( )

* Differential Logic and Dynamic Systems
( )

* Survey of Pragmatic Semiotic Information
( )

* Information = Comprehension × Extension
( )



inquiry into inquiry:
facebook page:

Jon Awbrey

Sep 30, 2020, 3:12:19 PM9/30/20
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Cf: Pragmatic Semiotic Information • Discussion 20

Re: R.J. Lipton and K.W. Regan
::: IBM Conference on the Informational Lens

A little bit of history recoded ...

It may be worth noting the Information Revolution in our understanding of
science began in the mid 1860s when C.S. Peirce laid down what he called
the "Laws of Information" in his lectures on the "Logic of Science" at
Harvard University and the Lowell Institute. Peirce took up "the puzzle
of the validity of scientific inference" and claimed it was "entirely
removed by a consideration of the laws of information".

Here's a collection of excerpts and commentary I assembled on the subject.

* Information = Comprehension × Extension


* Survey of Pragmatic Semiotic Information



Jon Awbrey

Nov 1, 2020, 1:28:31 PM11/1/20
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Cf: Survey of Pragmatic Semiotic Information • 5

Happy Día de Muertos, Everybody!

I've been doing a mass of light editing and link repair on my blog,
due largely to the sad demise of the InterSciWiki where I used to
keep most of my work. At any rate, here's a link to the updated
Survey of posts related to "Pragmatic Semiotic Information".


This is a Survey ( ) of
previous blog and wiki posts on the Semiotic Theory Of Information.
All my projects are exploratory in essence but this line of inquiry
is more open-ended than most. The question is:

|| What is information and how does it
|| impact the spectrum of activities
|| answering to the name of inquiry?

The rest can be found at the above link.

Jon Awbrey

Feb 8, 2021, 10:50:21 AM2/8/21
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Pragmatic Semiotic Information • Discussion 21

Re: FB | Medieval Logic

On the question of what Peirce anticipated and when did he anticipate it,
my studies are more focused on the points where he overleapt the FOL-Bildungs
of Mid Century Modern (MCM) Analytic Philosophy, so much default of all our
false problematics today, and saw through to developments we'd not see again
until the theories of categories, computation, and information began to make
their impact on our conceptions of logic. I'll dig up some links along those lines …


• Information = Comprehension × Extension

• Peirce's 1870 Logic Of Relatives

•• Part 1

•• Part 2

•• Part 3

• Functional Logic

•• Inquiry and Analogy

•• Higher Order Propositions

•• Quantification Theory

• Precursors Of Category Theory


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