Cwatexe version - conflict with python installed?

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Jan 11, 2019, 8:54:53 AM1/11/19
Question from Luca:

about this: "A new (no need to install Python or bother about Python). This comes with all batteries included (Python, + libraries)", during the CWAT installation,

how it is managed with  previous Python version installed on the computer?



Previous Python installation doesn't matter. It is independent of any Python installation

A CWATM executable cwatm.exe can be used instead of the Python version

* ADVANTAGE: You can run it without installing or knowledge of Python
* DISADVANTAGE 1: You cannot see the source code or change it
* DISADVANTAGE 2: We do not update this version as often as the Python version

* DISADVANTAGE 3: It is not running on Linux or Mac

* It is done with cx_freeze library
* It includes all Python libraries
* It can run parallel to any Python installation (it doesn't need it at all)

We recommend using the Python 3.7.x version,
    | but if you not experienced in Python or have problems installing CWATM, please use the executable version.    
    | Either start it in DOS box (command cmd), or use the batch file cwatmbat.bat to start it

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