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Jan 8, 2019, 6:32:03 AM1/8/19

Dear all,


With 2019 some changes are coming!

CWATM source code

The CWATM source code has been ported to Python 3.7. As the general support for Python 2.7 end this year.

So we are again up to date!

The source code has about 4500 source code lines and about 3000 documentation lines.

We have the source code public domain (under a GNU General public license) on 2 Github repositories:

Private with only registered access:

Public (all access)

What is new:

  •  A new Python 3.7 version (support only for this from now on)
  •  A new (no need to install Python or bother about Python). This comes with all batteries included (Python, + libraries). Makes life easier because we do not get the questions on Python, basic computer skills etc.
  • All modules and functions are fully documented (this goes into the manual)
  • The code is now completely PC Raster free (no dependency on pcraster library, no copied code) It is still using the idea for each module of an initial and a dynamic phase
  •  Everything is open source (no hidden functions)



Documentation has been improved on:

It has now an automatic source code documentation

That means if in the source code itself there is a description of the function and the classes this will be taken into the documentation

You can download the manual (a 135 pages document and still growing)

But there is always room for improvement. So if you have an idea please tell me

What is new:

  • New source code automatic documentation on all modules and functions including a source code browser
  •  A manual as 135 page pdf


Discussion group:

We create a discussion group on:!forum/cwatm

It is a little bit empty by now! Please come and join!
-> Btw that's here!




Data for the 30min version and 5min version are on the ftp server (because the size is too big to put it on github)  




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