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The Community Water Model - CWATM

This group serves as the community mailing list and discussion forum for the CWAT Model
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If you post for the first time, please write a few lines who you are and for what reason you want to use CWatM.

E.g: I am XXXX, Research Scholar at IIASA, and I would like to use the CWatM for assessing water availability in the catchment YYYY.

The Community Water Model allows the assessment of water supply and human and environmental water demands at both global and regional levels. 

The hydrological model is open source and has been designed to link to other models, enabling the analysis of many different aspects of the water-energy-food-ecosystem nexus.

CWATM represents one of the new key elements of IIASA’s Water program to assess water supply, water demand and environmental needs at global and regional level

CWATM will be coupled to existing IIASA models, including EPIC, MESSAGE, GLOBIOM and Global Hydro-Economic Model

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The CWAT model is licensed under GNU General public license and

is available for download on: