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Mullooly James

Feb 19, 2008, 12:13:49 PM2/19/08
> Anthros,

> Note this is time sensitive!!! - Jim

> The spring, 2007 Dillard Flintknapping Workshop at the Desert
> Studies Center
> was a great success. We had planned to do it again this year;
> however, to
> date, we do not have enough participants to go forward with the
> workshop.
> If you are interested in participating in this workshop, please
> contact me
> (Jeanne Binning at by February 21. If we
> do not
> have enough committed participants by that date, we will cancel the
> Workshop. The details of the Workshop follow.
> Tim Dillard will be teaching a flintknapping class this March at
> the Desert
> Studies Center. Tim is one of the best traditional flintknappers
> in the
> world. He specializes in replicating prehistoric flaked-stone
> reduction of
> Midwestern North America.
> The class will start at 7:00 PM on Friday evening, March 14, 2008,
> with
> demonstrations by Tim. Students will be flintknapping with Tim all
> day
> Saturday and Sunday morning and early afternoon.
> The Workshop is not affiliated with any institution and no academic
> credit
> can be given. The practicum will focus on the knapping of
> obsidian, chert,
> and metamorphic materials, both raw and cooked. Although
> hammerstone use
> and pressure flaking will be covered, the use of antler-billet
> percussion to
> manufacture bifaces will be the primary focus of the class (copper
> billets
> will not be used). Hafting, fletching, dart throwing, debitage
> identification, etc. will not be taught in this class.
> Rock will be provided for the workshop participants. Tim likes to
> teach all
> stages of percussion reduction. The challenges of raw and imperfect
> material, at least early in the learning process, Tim feels makes
> for better
> knappers. Initial reduction and sectioning/spalling of the raw
> material
> will be taught. If you wish to work with very homogeneous, high-
> quality
> cherts or flints, please bring these materials with you.
> The Desert Studies Center is located in San Bernardino County,
> California
> off Interstate 15, southwest of the town of Baker. The freeway off-
> ramp is
> Zzyzx Road. To find the Center, drive south on Zzyzx Road four
> miles until
> you reach a cluster of buildings. Zzyzx Road is unpaved for most of
> its
> length; it is graded and should be driven slowly. The Center is
> situated on
> the shore of Soda Dry Lake at an elevation of 237 meters (938 feet)
> and at
> the western edge of the Mojave National Preserve.
> The total cost of the class for each person is $180.00. The meals and
> sleeping accommodations are $90.00. The class itself is $90.00.
> If you
> wish to take the class, please send me two checks or money orders.
> One
> check or money order for $90.00 should be paid to the order of the
> Desert
> Studies Center. The second check or money order for $90.00 should be
> written to Tim Dillard. I am sorry that neither the Center nor Tim
> takes
> credit cards.
> Each participant should bring pillows and bedclothes or a sleeping
> bag,
> since only mattresses are provided by the Center. The bathrooms are
> separate from the sleeping accommodations. The cafeteria-style meals
> include a snack on Friday night, breakfast on Saturday and Sunday, bag
> lunches on Saturday and Sunday, and dinner on Saturday evening.
> Gloves and pieces of leather or other protective material, to be
> used for
> hand protection and lap pads, should be brought for use in the class.
> Pressure flakers will be provided. Also, antler billets for use
> during the
> class will be supplied. Long pants and shoes that cover the feet
> must be
> worn at all times while flintknapping. The Center has protective
> glasses
> that can be used by the class participants.
> Please send your checks or money orders to me: Jeanne Binning
> 1630 E Shea Dr.
> Fresno,CA 93720
> If you have any questions, please call or email me. My home phone
> number is
> 559-433-1424. My work phone number is 559-243-8219. My email
> address is

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