F.Y.I.: Pagan Pride Day, Sat. Oct. 4th

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Penny Verin-Shapiro

Sep 29, 2008, 3:02:45 PM9/29/08
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F.Y.I.: Open to the Public and Free (with recommended Can food donation)
Pagan Pride Day Fresno, 2008 Presents:
Sat, Oct. 4th at The Discovery Center (1937 N. Winery Ave. in S. Fresno

(Subject to modification)

10:00 AM ? R - Opening - Foedus Veritas Group of Visalia

11:00 AM - WS ? Russell: "Drum Circle: Basic Drumming and Philosophy
for Community Building
Bring your drums and learn some basic rhythms and enjoy a discussion
on the power of Drum Circles to change perceptions and build

Noon ? Lunch Break + Drumming by Circle

12:30 PM ? T - Robert: The Magick of the Self - Your Journey to Your
Holy Guardian Angel
The pagan magickal world has many tools to choose from. All of these
tools are effective for what they are designed to do. They are even
more effective when you use them to do what you are supposed to do and
they only way to determine that is to learn from your spirit, daimon
or angel more popularly known as your Holy Guardian Angel. Discover
the how to take the most personal journey -- your path to divinity.

1:30 PM ? T - Kathy: Crowley: the Man, the Myth and the Magick
The talk will cover a bit about his life, his mundane and magickal
education, how he loved to mislead those who would start rumors and
how really none of that matters. All that really matters is the Work.
I plan to cover some of his greatest hits, and of course in there, his
greatest misses. We will go over brief bits about the OTO that he
reshaped and did NOT start it. We will cover Liber Al, Liber Oz and
may touch on Liber Resh.

2:30 PM ? IP ?Band: Hawk

3:30 PM - St. Jack Faust- "The Bleak Territory: Navigating Insanity
and Taboo in the
Landscape of Postmodern Magick."
- Roadblocks, portents, and omens.
- Archetypes vs. Gods, literal and not literal; allegories and
- Cartesian Doubt: skepticism and it's role in magick. Fake it till
you make it vs.
delusion and "despair."
- Taboos, sex, gender. ("F*** it till you make it?")
- Going "bugfrck crazy" - what it can do, what it can do to you.
(The Paranoic/Critical
method should be discussed here.)
- Fiction, fictional lives, and enhancing the sphere one lives in
through them.
- Grounding; Shaman vs. Business-(wo)men.

4:30 PM Short Healing Circle By Tambra and Errin, Followed by Drum
circle to Closing
5:00 PM ish = END
Key: WS = Work Shop - T = Talk - R = Ritual - IP = Interactive Presentation
Presenter's mini bios. =
Robert Hager has participated in magick for over twenty years and is a
student of Fresno Bennu-Kheper Lodge which practices in the style of
the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, is a regular guest lecturer at
Fresno State and, under the pseudonym of Frater Perceptum Operor
Servo, author of the popular Doing Magick blog, a daily diary of a
working magician. Doing Magick can be found at

Rev. Russell Noland is a Taoist Wiccan studying the Bardic and the
Healing Arts. He is also majoring in Communication with a focus in
Peace and Conflict Studies at CSU Fresno."

St. Jack Faust, otherwise known as "Jeremy", has been writing about
insanity, the occult, in the "Sutra of the Poison Buddha" for four
years and has been haunting the Chaos Magick scene for a bit longer.
Rumored to be part of a "Super Secret" Cabal of Chaos Magicians
dedicated to spreading heresy and debauchery, he stays mostly quiet or
refuses to shut up. Amongst other things, he enjoys long walks on the
beach, kittens, and watching Kung Fu movies. His (and those of his
compatriots) writings can be found at: http://www.lucifel.net/sutras/
. He promises that the later volumes are better than the first one...

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