CINECULTURE: 120 Reasons to Disappear

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Denise Blum

Feb 25, 2008, 8:58:36 PM2/25/08
Cineculture Club presents:

Special engagement! International Experimental Film Festival from France:
120 Reasons to Disappear (2007)
Friday, February 29 @ 5:15PM
McLane 121 @ Fresno State

Free Admission
Parking is relaxed after 4:30PM

Eight videos of the Image Contre Nature 2007 selection - 91min
From the Festival Images Contre Nature, organized by p'silo of Marseille, France:

These are all experimental short films. Not rated.
A series of 8  short experimental films and videos from Sweden, France, Germany, China and and the United States that explore issues of desire, social change, conflict and technology.  An exploration of twenty-first century ways of seeing and relating to the world as mediated through film and video.

For Sore Eyes de-by  Anders Weberg
2mn17   couleur-color   stéréo-stereo   2006   Suède-Sweden
For Sore Eyes is another exploration of the ambivalence of the male gaze and gendered (dis)order. It is a suggestive reflection of life in the pyrotechnic, in sanatarium of consumerism freedom. But what is really freedom ?

Sönemböör de-by  Samuel Bester
14mn30   couleur-color   stéréo-stereo 2006   France
Fifth volet of a work started in 1996 on the island Sylt (North Germany) to evoke by image and sound the fragility of the landscape and the feelings we can have regarding a place which disappearance is announced

Body of war II de-by Isabelle Schneider
4mn37   couleur-color   stéréo-stereo   2007   France
War on all tv's. I keep you in mind.

Infinite Trajectory  de-by Christin Bolewski
12mn23   couleur & n/b-color & b/w   stéréo-stereo   2005   Allemagne-Germany
Infinite Trajectory is an audiovisual essay inspired by a text of the French Philosopher Jean Baudrillard dealing with topics of  a post-modern society: Electronic mass media collapse space and time barriers in human communication, enabling us to interact and live on a global scale, where we are losing the identity of ourselves and the concept of space.

Un gars, une fille... et Dieu ! de-by Yves-Marie Mahe
5mn   couleur-color   mono 2005   France
Oh! my god (miché!)

Psycho(s) de-by Yuk-Yiu Ip & ST
12mn   couleur & n/b-color & b/w   stéréo-stereo   2005   Chine-China
Psycho(s) is a live remix of Alfred Hitchcok's Psycho and Gus Van Sant's remake in 1998. Running on custom software that edits the films in real-time, Psycho(s) juxtaposes and condenses the two films that were made almost 40 years apart into a hypnotic stream of mirror images. The images and sounds, drifting in and out of sync, create a perpetual state of cinematic déjà vu that haunts and confuses both the original and its double. Psycho(s) recycles the original narratives, forming new poetic associations in an endless cycle of parallel edits.

Mini-series de-by Kara Hearn
11mn47   couleur-color  stéréo-stereo   2007   USA
Mini-series is a chain of events drawn from stories, dreams, first-hand experiences, and fantasies. Each scene utilizes the techniques of cinema the simplest possible ways to create narratives that are stripped of everything but the pathos inherent in the medium. The artist worked alone, playing every role and using whatever props and costumes were on hand.

A year de-by Mark Street
26mn   couleur-color   stéréo-stereo   2006   USA
A tattered diary film. Middle age concerns swirl around me in Brooklyn and follow to North Carolina, and New Orleans (before the storm) and back home again. Video journal entries mix with 35mm abstract film images, sublime and inviting, suggesting and elegy for celluloid. As friends drift away I retreat into myself. Solipsism beckons, and I stave it off, barely. I contemplate my body falling apart, my kids growing up, changes and disappearances.

Post-screening discussant: Dan Nadaner (CSUF professor, Department of Art and Design) and Susanneh Bieber

Cineculture Club promotes cultural awareness and addresses diversity issues through film and post-screening discussion.

President: Roxanne Villaluz
Advisor: Denise Blum
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