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CUTS International Trade Forum (CTF)

CUTS International (Consumer Unity & Trust Society) began its journey in 1983 in Rajasthan, from a rural development communication initiative, a wall newspaper Gram Gadar (Village Revolution). With its headquarters and three programme centres in Jaipur, India; one each in Chittorgarh and Calcutta; an advocacy centre in New Delhi, India; and five overseas centres in Lusaka, Zambia; Nairobi, Kenya; Accra, Ghana; Hanoi, Vietnam and in Geneva, Switzerland, the organisation has established its relevance and impact in the policy-making circles and among the larger development community in the developing world and at the international level. The programme brochure is available here:

The CUTS Trade Forum (CTF) is an online forum developed over the years with a viewer base of more than 6800 members who actively discuss and brainstorm on policy changes to create a global voice for trade and related development issues. The forum also periodically updates the members on current activities, research and policy advocacy impacts by CUTS across the world.

All stakeholders are requested to actively participate at the forum and share the relevant and/or requested information which can help others in achieving overall objectives of the project.

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