Old CustomMaps kmz files are not recognized by version 1.8.1

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Berta und Roland Hippe

Apr 15, 2022, 2:17:00 PMApr 15
to custom-m...@googlegroups.com
Hello Marco,
I am using Samsung Galaxy S7 and S9 with Android 8 and 10 respectively.
I've been using CustomMaps for many years. Now I found that my kmz files created with version 1.4 (beta #90) are not recognized by the current version 1.8.1 when I copy them to the CustonMaps directory. I help myself by opening the kmz file with the "File Manager Plus" explorer and using CustomMaps in this explorer to open the file. Then I can open this file again directly via CustomMaps.
Since I have accumulated a large stock of kmz files over time, I store these files on the external SD card and only copy the files that are currently needed to the internal memory. The Explorer-"trick" described above does not work with the "My Files" Explorer supplied by Samsung, as this Explorer does not make any program suggestions. Therefore, users who do not have Android knowledge will not be able to open the old kmz files.
Or is there a way I haven't discovered yet?
Berta Hippe

Marko Teittinen

Apr 18, 2022, 2:43:35 AMApr 18
to Berta und Roland Hippe, Custom Maps users
Hello Berta,

The current version of Custom Maps app no longer uses the CustomMaps directory due to new Google Play Store rules. Only file management apps are allowed to access directories on the phone's storage. So I had to stop using that directory for storing maps and instead I had to start keeping the maps in the "hidden" internal storage available only to Custom Maps app.

As you have discovered the maps can be still imported into Custom Maps app by opening them with a file manager app (other than Samsung's "My Files" app). In addition to "File Manager Plus", at least Google's "Files" app also works to open the maps in Custom Maps.

I did implement a feature in the current 1.8.1 version of Custom Maps that if the app has storage permission when it is launched the first time on a device, it tries to look for map files in CustomMaps directory and import all of them seamlessly into the internal "hidden" storage. Unfortunately, Google's Play Services has started turning permissions off for apps that have not been used for a while (which I assume is the case often with Custom Maps app). So in many cases Custom Maps cannot automatically import the previously existing maps, and the user has to discover that they can import the maps by opening them with a file manager (other than "My Files").

I am working on improving features to import and export maps from Custom Maps, so that the maps management would get at least a bit easier. Unfortunately the old way no longer seems to be possible with the new Google Play Store rules.

Marko Teittinen
Author of Custom Maps

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