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Michael Smith

Nov 20, 2021, 9:44:05 PM11/20/21
Dear sir;
  I have been using this for the last year or o and a brilliant piece of software.  I am now not able to use the old maps or even re-load the maps as the files are too large. The images were 4000 x 6000 .png files at about 21Mbytes. Is there a possibility of this working, or what could the maximum size allowable be please?

Thank you


Marko Teittinen

Nov 20, 2021, 9:59:09 PM11/20/21
to Michael Smith, Custom Maps users

There are a couple of bugs in the new version of software, but there are workarounds.

First, to get your old maps visible in the app, make sure they all are still in the CustomMaps folder on the internal storage of your phone. Then open the system's "app info" for Custom Maps by long pressing the Custom Maps icon and selecting "App info" (or the icon with an "i" inside a circle) in the menu that pops up. Clear all data from Custom Maps (this doesn't delete the maps in the CustomMaps folder). Then closing the app info dialogs, give Custom Maps permission to access file storage. Then you can launch Custom Maps, and all the maps will be transferred to Custom Maps app's private internal storage, and they will show up in the map list. BTW, future versions of Custom Maps will not be able to import maps from the CustomMaps folder.

This change in file handling is Google Play Store's new requirement, so it had to be done. I recommend that you keep a copy of all your maps somewhere off your phone (like Google Drive) to help add them to your next phone. Maps can be transferred to the app's internal memory also by opening the map files with Google's Files app (Samsung's "My Files" app doesn't understand the .kmz extension used by Custom Maps). Some other file managers may work too.

Second, when you create new maps from jpg or png files, you must make sure that the map image file names don't contain any spaces or special characters, though dash and underscore (- and _) can be used. Pdf files don't have the same limitation. This is an unfortunate bug that slipped into the program when I adjusted the file selection to match the new Google Play Store requirements, and will be fixed in the next version of Custom Maps. Until then, it is safest to assign map images names that use only letters A-Z, digits, and dashes and underscores.

I hope this helps. Let me know if you still experience problems accessing your maps.

Marko Teittinen

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